Where to Find Organic Cotton Leggings

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These days, you really can’t leave the house without seeing this one item of clothing; leggings. Popular for dresses or skirts or even just on their own as pants. The demand for this fashion item has exploded over the past few years. With everyone buying these items, has anyone actually stopped to think what they are actually made of? Many are made of plastics or genetically modified cotton which means health risks when you put them on your bodies. GM cotton uses a lot of pesticides and herbicides to grow the cotton and these chemicals linger long after the harvesting and manufacturing process. Formaldehyde is often added to preserve the item for shipping. Organic cotton leggings are a good alternative to plastics or genetically modified cotton. People can improve their health and the environment by making the shift to buy organic cotton leggings. When the demand for the product increases, more cotton farmers will grow organic cotton and more retailers will want to carry them. I hear you asking: “but where can I get some sustainable leggings now?” Well here’s a few places that have organic cotton leggings:

Forever 21

Don’t think you have to spend an arm and a leg to get some organic cotton leggings. This pair from Forever 21 costs about $6 and is made from 94% organic cotton. Sizes are available in XSM-L. Unfortunately, this pair only comes in black and there doesn’t appear to be any other organic cotton leggings on their website.

Organic Cotton-Blend Leggings

Maggie’s Organics

This company is doing a lot of work to make the world a little more sustainable. They buy organic cotton directly from growers and manufacture 65% of products in the USA. This company has a bit more selection than Forever 21 and has a firm commitment to their workers from grower to sewer. Check out the leggings below. Nice design and made from 95% organic cotton. Priced at $25, this is an affordable and sustainable piece for anyone’s wardrobe.

Need a full length pair? Maggie’s Organics has got you covered! Like the last pair, these are made from 95% organic cotton. Sizes range from SM-XL and this pair comes in 5 different colours. Quite reasonably priced at $24 dollars, what a find. Oh, and did I mention it’s Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified?

Soul Flower

I found these ones at Soul Flower. This company strives to be eco-friendly and ethical. Lots of selection for these leggings, the sizes go from SM-XXL and 4 colours to choose from. Made from 87% organic cotton, made in the US, and priced at $38.

I love this pair. Beautiful colour and design, and 87% organic cotton. Made with low impact dyes in the USA. This pair you can feel good to wear! $36 and in my opinion, totally worth it.



PACT has these leggings available on their website for $29.99. These leggings come in the widest variety of patterns and colours I’ve seen yet. Made from 92% organic cotton and GOTS certified.

People Tree

This pair is from People Tree. They are fair trade and made from 95% organic cotton. It will cost you $44 for this pair, with a variety of sizes to choose from.

When buying leggings, we want to get the best bang for our buck. Usually people do not think that affordable and sustainable or ethical go together, but some of these companies are proving people wrong. You can get the whole package in just one pair of leggings. When we buy our clothing based on the cheapest price, we are forgetting the cost to the people who make them and the environment. Now is the time to make the shift to sustainable and ethical clothing. Let’s do that one pair of leggings at a time.

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