Ethical Fashion + Music = Awesome

Ethical Fashion & Music:

Where 2 World’s Collide and Come Together for the Greater Good

Bringing two worlds together is a great way to spread the word, especially when it’s as entertaining as these talented beat-boxers representing THTC, an ethically driven clothing company for men and women, available in the U.K.

Ball-Zee performs for THTC ethical clothing:

About THTC the Brand:

THTC is currently ranked as the most Ethical Menswear brand in the U.K., with products made from hemp, carbon-neutral organic cotton, and recycled salvage plastic fibres. Knowing there are sustainable companies out there who are putting in the extra effort to spread the word and support others in arts, simply, warms my heart. This company has done a remarkable job at creating a very wearable ethical fashion line that people really want to wear. Everything looks amazing, and knowing that you’re making a purchase that does not support the dark side of the textile and garment industry, feels equally amazing.

Reeps One performs for THTC ethical clothing:

They make the life of being a conscious consumer easy when it comes to looking good and feeling good. Thank you THTC for doing something wonderful, kudos!


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