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Friendship shoes was first conceptualised last September and will launch one year later on September 10th 2016. It came about because as committed vegans we struggled to find well designed shoes in good vegan fabrics; it was relatively easy to find cheap PU synthetic leather but these aren’t great environmentally and we worried about how truly vegan they were. We came to see this glaring gap in the market, we wanted great design, environmentally sound fabrics and low carbon footprint manufacturing.


vegan friendship shoes trusted clothes

In the design studio working out those final details for the launch range.

A number of years ago I had a dream that I had designed a range of shoes, they were called “friendship shoes”. All the styles were adorned with the Yin and Yang symbol, in the dream they were amazing and I woke with a tremendous sense of well being, that dream has always stayed with me. Once we started to talk about our range of shoes in earnest I realised that the Yin and Yang symbol was quite representative of our own ethics and that in the dream it wasn’t actually a design feature but emblematic of our ethos, dreams being full of symbolism. From the beginning I insisted we call them friendship shoes, the dream had always felt prophetic.

vegan shoes trusted clothes

In development for this winter release, a 6 hole brogue boot with black crepe welted sole with our “Silver Lining.” Look out for them once the web page launches.

We worked with an Italian company to create our unique fabric, it was important for us to get the finish we wanted and we’re very happy with it, we have taken five classic designs and given them a twist. Our shoes are made in the UK and are Goodyear welted so can be repaired, we’ve moved as far away from low priced throw away consumerism as we possibly could but we’re determined to keep them affordable as our entire objective is to make cruelty free shoes accessible to all, we want to feel that we’re saving lives and helping the planet.

Stay Posted For The Launch

With the launch just around the corner, keep up to date on our progress. Check out the links below:




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Steve and Caroline are the founders of Friendship Vegan Shoes and proud vegans.

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