Teaching your kids about ethical fashion

Getting them started young

You consider yourself to be a fashion-forward person. Not only that, you are an ethically fashion-forward person. You want junior(s) to learn the ropes about how to be ethical too. So how should you go about it? 

Being upfront and honest about the issue is a good start, you can broach the topic by making it personal: for example, if your teen loves animals, try to get him/her to consider cruelty-free fashion first. Making the issue of child-labour in sweatshops known to them is also a good step. There are also resources and personal accounts from other young adults that can make the issue more relatable. Many documentaries exist on the subject of sustainable and ethical fashion and the impact the fashion industry has on underdeveloped or developing countries. Most importantly, make your child aware of the nature of materialism and consumerism that surrounds them; many young people are already aware of these influences. Researchers have discovered that compulsive shopping can result in neurological pleasure. In other words, we become addicted to the culture of spending promoted by fashion companies. To wean ourselves off of this unhealthy influence, we need to first become aware of it and understand how we are manipulated through marketing and advertising to buy, buy, buy. 

Awareness creates resistance, and once your children are aware of the trade tools the fashion industry uses on them, they will be much less vulnerable to them.

To help you get started, here are some resources that you can review with your little one: 

This documentary is a bit of a tear-jerker, but I highly recommend it. You may even consider viewing it with your children.

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