Neurotoxins in Laundry products

A toxic time to be alive

In the 21st Century we are living in one of the most toxic unhealthy eras in history.  The toxic petrochemicals our children are exposed to on a daily basis is a toxic soup that is leading to causing neurological disorders like autism spectrum disorder.  Neurotoxins are found in all scented products from commercial detergent, deodorizers, personal care and cosmetics, and they are found in common household cleansers.  It pains me deeply that I am not able to enjoy the beautiful great outdoors as often I want to because the use of commercial detergent is very common and it is very evident that there is a strong addiction to the scent.  It often stinks like a laundromat right outside my door and I know the neighbors are doing laundry.  Relaxing and meditating outdoors and breathing in the fresh clean air is very important to me and enjoying a lot of quiet me time is very important for my self-care and as a hard working Mother of a special needs child, this is especially important.

neurotoxins in laundry

When I was younger in the 70’s, my parents did laundry using the common detergents back then and the smell did not bother me because they didn’t add the synthetic scent that contains neurotoxins.  Today, I can’t be around any mainstream people because their clothing stinks horribly of detergent scent fumes and it literally takes my breath away and I’m severely asthmatic.  I recently went to the local popular thrift store to look for some affordable clothing that I need and I made the painful discovery that all the clothing stinks of commercial detergent and on top of it, the air stank as if someone had just sprayed febcrap into the air.

My lungs felt as if they were going to collapse and I motioned to my husband silently, mouthing, “I have to go now!” and I ran for the front door and gasped, trying to breathe some fresh air.  This is an all too common occurrence every time we go to the thrift store and in tears, I told my husband that I can no longer go there.  My health can’t afford it and I don’t want our son to be exposed either.  My husband is almost as sensitive as me and he can’t tolerate it either. What adds insult to injury is that I need clothing and I’m not in a position to pay for full retail and I have asked a few friends online for help, but I’m petite and I don’t know anyone with my rare size.

Thankfully, we don’t go out much so I don’t need a large wardrobe, but I do need a few things and this is very frustrating.  I tried several times to outgas some detergent stinky clothes on a clothesline and allowed intense negative ions from thunderstorms to cleanse and decontaminate the clothing.  After three intense thunderstorms, there was no improvement, not even with intense hot sunlight.  However, I did notice that a few things had been hanging for six months and alas, finally, they were safe, but the seasons had changed and my clothing needs changed.  Six months is a very long time to wait for clothing to be safe enough to wear.

neurotoxins in laundry

Clothing is a very basic need and it’s a painful cruel travesty that environmentally ill chemically sensitive sufferers should have to endure this arduous process to take care of a basic need.  In the 70’s, I would have found my clothing by now and my health would be fine.   I write this stating health facts, but also from a personal perspective, a very painful one, because my dear four year old son was exposed to high levels of neurotoxins when I was pregnant because I was forced to breathe overpowering commercial scented detergents, what I refer to as air poisoners, also known as scented deodorizers, and scented personal care products, during labor because the hospital where I gave birth had a very casual scent-free policy and left it up to the staff’s personal discretion.

I can no longer walk anywhere the detergent aisle in the supermarket because the bottles of detergent are overpowering and the horrible scent odor seeps out and can be smelled all the way to the front of the store. Now there are detergents that contain three in one, which is an overwhelming toxic witch’s brew toxic soup. Add two very popular detergent brands with the popular scented deodorizer in one bottle and you have a very powerful scented bomb.  It’s amazing to me that people use these detergents and don’t pass out from the overpowering scent fumes.

Make the healthy choice

This toxic madness must stop now.  Studies are being done now about the effects of neurotoxins on the brain and how they inhibit learning.  This article was written by a champion of this issue and states very clearly how children are being affected and what needs to be done.

neurotoxins in laundry
It is very simple and easy to do the right thing and make the healthy choice.  I’ve been washing my clothing with baking soda and vinegar for 20 years with very good results and I occasionally add an enzyme earth friendly soap to add a little cleaning boost.  Imagine how toxic the scent fumes are if the clothes stink. Imagine these fumes seeping into the groundwater and going out into the air we breathe.   If you know someone who uses toxic detergent, it is your responsibility as a caring earth steward and parent to protect your family’s health and share this information with your friends who need to be educated.  There is no reason for this toxic madness to continue.  Please, vote with your wallet, learn to read labels, and go organic green. It’s easier thank you think.

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Dayna Colvin is a holistic organic environmental awareness writer. She is a very active environmental advocate and animal rescue advocate. She and her husband live in the Pacific NW USA and are happy parents of an adorable Cherub baby boy and share their home with 2 adorable, wonderful, sweet cats, their furry babies. Dayna hopes to inspire her readers and clients with her writing to enjoy living healthy green holistic simple lifestyles.  You can read and learn more about her and her writing work at her  Holistic Organic Wise Mama Self Care.

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  2. Good article. I have had asthma for 65 years, but switching to environmentally friendly, non toxic household cleaners, including laundry detergent, 15 years ago made all the difference. When I was substitute teaching I would take my cleaners into school with me for cleaning desks and tables because the school products gave me a sore throat or bothered my breathing.

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