Fibershed – A Local Adventure

Fibershed. What an interesting idea.

Fibershed trusted clothes

Imagine knowing where your clothes come from, beginning to end. Imagine that you could take a short trip to experience the growing of the fibers. You can smell the earth it’s grown in. You can feel the same breeze rustling over the crops. The rain that the plant absorbs is the same that is falling on you. Imagine that was close to home, and your neighbour’s the one making your clothes. You can ask them as they leave for work what unique design they are working on today. Imagine buying your clothes from your local business, asking where the journey started out and being able to source it from start to finish. This is what a fibershed aims to do. Making a fibershed means choosing an area where your fibers are grown, the clothes are made and sold all within the region. I found a short film explaining fibershed in London, England. I watched this film and fell in love with the idea. People can appreciate their clothing much more when the people who helped produce it are part of the community. People start to understand the time it takes to grow and make one piece, emotional attachments grow from this and the item is valued and better cared for.

This idea is amazing. It is helping the environment by reducing the travelling that our clothing takes. It’s reducing water usage by reducing the dependency of clothing to cotton growth and reducing pesticide use. It helps to show value of labour, giving power to people, and how fast fashion devalues people and our planet. I would love to see more fibersheds across Ontario. We have a lot of great farmland in Ontario and it would be good to see fibers being produced in our backyard, being sewn by our friends, and sold by our community. It would be interesting to see if Waterloo Region could be progressive enough to start an initiative such as this.

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