Green Fashion Week

It is a surprise to many people that fashion is the second biggest polluter to the world after oil.

With the ever increasing negative effects climate change is having on our planet, it can be considered a necessity for everyone to do what they can to help. Nevertheless this can be as little as recycling plastic bottles and as great as supporting a charity to plant tree’s and preserve our rain forest. A group of millennials teamed up to support a positive change in the world, and thus Green Fashion Week was born.

Presented by GD Major Entertainment, a sister company to Major Models Milan, the initial idea of a fashion week appeared naturally, due to the strong connections the founders had with the Fashion industry already. It has been said that fashion is a ‘3 trillion dollar industry’. And evidently an extremely powerful one. So what better tool to use to connect with a global audience and raise awareness of the downward spiral our future may be destined for?

It was COP21 in the beautiful city of Paris, Daniela Christiansson was promoting the UNFCC, Climate Neutral Now campaign. Despite already having a passion for combatting climate change, the event sparked further inspiration for Daniela, how could she do more to raise awareness of the subject so close to her heart?

With modelling being Daniela’s primary career, and having seven years of experience within the fashion industry, she had worked at a diverse range of fashion shows. But not one was ethical. Daniela thought what better way to raise awareness of climate change than through fashion, and the best way to do it would be through the creation of a sustainable fashion show.

When returning home, it was not long until she visited her agency, Major Models Milan. Excited by the prospect of an ethical fashion show, she began to discuss her ideas with the director of Major, Guido Dolci. Guido had heard about climate change, but it was not completely aware of what it really meant. It did not take long for Daniela to spread her knowledge of the importance a sustainable future is for our planet and the generations to come. Guido was shocked to understand the depth of the problem, motivated by Daniela’s honest passion for the cause he was eager to help her achieve her dream of an eco-friendly fashion show.

Soon after when ideas and objectives were being shared, it caught the attention of a central employee within Major. Luca Molinari shared the same spirit as Daniela, he was ambitious and ready to bring this sustainable fashion concept to life. Together they established an excellent team of creatives, designers, models and companies all willing and ready to raise awareness of fair fashion. And promptly Daniela’s belief, ignited by Luca, and supported by Major, went from a sustainable fashion show into Green Fashion Week.

Green Fashion Week held their first edition at the beautiful luxury resort Shangri-La Hotel in Abu Dhabi from the 30th March until the 4th April 2016, soon after the Fashion Week’s of New York, Paris, London and Milan. The event consisted of fashion shows, conferences and presentations ending with a big gala dinner. The intention of the occasion to not only raise awareness of ethical fashion but also to engage the guests in a fun and interesting week.

Showcasing international designers, with the same commitment to sustaining fashion enabled the shows to strongly embody the concept, yet display a diverse range of ethical design appealing to a varied audience. This included Francesca Liberatore, Kristina Burja, David Tlale and Sohad Acouri to name a few. The dreamy shows locations within the Shangri-La hotel differed, from under the palm trees with a star lit sky, along the mile length beach, to the guests seats being on traditional wooden boats, viewing the fashion show from the water.

True to the sustainable theme, eco-friendly companies collaborated and assisted the event. Bio.It catered, serving a large variety of beautiful organic food throughout the week. Moreover CHO Nature, an organic cosmetic brand was there with goodies for the guests. Usual Make- Up and hair products such as hairspray was refrained in order to not contribute any chemicals known to burning a hole in the ozone layer.

Despite all this work to maintain a sustainable event, with the help of Ambassadress, Daniela Christiansson, founder of Conscious-ness, Green Fashion Week collaborated with Climate Neutral Now in order to compensate for the carbon emissions used throughout the event. This meant that all the processes used that admits carbon emissions such as the transport, energy and water was offset. From start to finish the events carbon emissions which were created were then calculated by Alcott, one of our partner. In which they then contributed financially to the ‘Climate Neutral Now’ campaign accordingly. Consequently a number of trees were planted, via the Brazilian Rosewood Amazon Conservation project, Daniela being Ambassadress for it, in which neutralised the emissions, meaning Green Fashion Week became a carbon neutral event.

The second edition of Green Fashion Week is soon approaching in October 2016. “The plans for the occasion are bigger and better, aiming for an even greener event,” Luca Molinari, CEO of Green Fashion Week. The importance of raising increasing awareness of the benefits of sustainable fashion is central. Reaching more people and educating them on what we can do to help our world now, and for future generations via fashion is crucial. Nonetheless expect an exciting and engaging, one of a kind event! Relevant news and the announcement of the next location will be released soon.

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