Bringing Sustainability To Your Community

There is a growing concern about sustainable communities. How do we get started?

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The textile industry is a large source of waste and pollution. Our landfills receive much of our textile waste. One way we can divert textiles from landfills is a clothing swap. Clothing swaps are great for diverting waste and Trusted Clothes is hosting their second clothing swap next month. Wondering what a clothing swap is? Check out the videos below.

Events like these are amazing. They reduce waste while bringing the community together and saving people money. Trusted Clothes estimates that around 1000 lbs of clothing was diverted from landfills from the first clothing swap. The response from the community was overwhelming. Many volunteers and participants came out to support with very little advertising. Since there was overwhelming demand, Trusted Clothes is continuing this event with one being held on August 3. Check out the event page here: Facebook clothes swap event. If you are one of our world-wide readers, and are too far to participate, consider hosting one yourself!

Check out our how to here: How to organize a clothes swapping event.

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