Canadian Fashion Icons – Jeanne Beker

So, I wanted to explore something new with respect to Canadian culture, briefly to start. That new aspect has to do with fashion icons that we can find throughout our lovely, multi-faceted Canadian culture. One individual that is highly prominent in Canada goes by the name of Jeanne Beker. She is a Canadian journalist, media personality, and fashion entrepreneur. She began her career as an actress with a turn right into radio and television. She has been known on the breaking of the series TheNewMusic and a CityPulse News as an entertainment anchor.

Canadian Fashion Icons – Jeanne Beker

In terms of her education, she was educated at York University. She was married to Bob McGee and they have two children, daughters, named Rebecca and Sarah.

One of her most prominent positions, which has been around for over 27 years and aired in over a 130 countries in terms of its viewership is a fashion show. It is as an internationally syndicated television show host called Fashion Television.

Canadian Fashion Icons – Jeanne Beker

She has been the editor-in-chief of FQ and SIR magazines in addition to the publication of five books. And she has been a contributing editor for such major newspapers as the Toronto Star. This is an exemplary series of accomplishments and work alongside the best Canadian outlets for news and fashion, which to me makes her definitely worthy of a profile. In addition, she has been a featured style columnist for the Globe and Mail and Post City magazine. In other words, she has numerous editorial, and writing style and lifestyle, positions throughout her long career to date.

Canadian Fashion Icons – Jeanne Beker

One of the most impressive parts of her resume is in light of the fact that she had a 2014, or recent, appointment to the Order of Canada for her support of Canadian fashion and the Canadian fashion industry. That’s quite an accomplishment. It’s probably the or among the highest honors in the country as far as I know. As well as this, she earned the 2012 Canadian Award of Distinction from the Banff World Media Festival in addition to an honouring a Canadian Screen Achievement Award for alterations to the manner in which Canadian citizens watch television. These are some of the impressive parts of her resume. So, that should be a good profile to start us off for this new series on Canadian fashion icons, which I believe and feel Ms. Becker is an exemplary model of the fashion culture in Canada.


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