Collective Action

To begin combating large problems, we need to collaborate and work together.

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The nature of large-scale problems can be solved through collective action. Collective action via the small contributions multiplied over people.

Multiplied over, this can mean use of things that produce carbon to combat climate change or global warming. It might not mean the best economic system at the moment. But it does provide a survivable future for the next generation.

Upcoming generations will be dealing with the same issues as us, but with science we can make great progress. Collective action, scientific and not-so scientific, has compounding effects. It changes the policy, law, and production of society.

The production and energy consumption of energy as well as the production of the goods and services that consume that energy. That means moving from something like hydrocarbon producing energy sources to less hydrocarbon producing energy sources, or even solar or nuclear power.

If we can work together, get our ‘house in order’ and collaborate on small networks and small scales, we can have an impact that brings great change. It’s a bit like ‘think globally and act locally’. Every single contribution towards a common goal counts.

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