Poverty Inc

Poverty Inc is a documentary that puts a spotlight on how charities, NGOs, and government aid is keeping people of the world reliant on aid, leading to more poverty.

Poverty IncThis film takes a look at various forms of aid and how they are undermining economies in various developing countries. Topics such as food aid in Haiti and textile dumping in Africa are discussed in this interesting documentary. The patronization of underdeveloped countries instead of empowering them is a recurring theme throughout this film. Colonialism and oppressive policies that undermine sovereignty play a large part in keeping people relying on Western aid. In many countries that are examined in this documentary, they have been receiving foreign aid but have little to show for it. In many cases they are worse off decades later. 

What is aid? How is it used and distributed? How does it harm developing nations? All of these questions are answered in this film. Take a look at this documentary that is currently available on Netflix. 

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