Underwear Day – Why Not Go Organic?

Underwear Day. It’s time to talk about organic underwear. 

Underwear day is upon us, time to bust out your favourite pair and rock them with pride. When we put on our undergarments in the morning we probably don’t stop to think about where it came from or how it was made. We only want the best for our behinds, but when we put on our normal non-organic bloomers we may be inadvertently causing harm to our private parts. Wearing organic underwear can have benefits that you may not realize.

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  • Wearing organic can help resolve chemical sensitivity issues. Many people have chemical sensitivity or sensitive skin. Our clothes are loaded with chemical additives from pesticides to flame-retardants. Organic products can help to reduce this problem.
  • Bamboo can help reduce bacteria. Bamboo has anti-bacterial properties that can help protect against yeast infections.
  • Organic materials are absorbent, comfortable and breathable. No one likes to feel wet and sticky on those hot summer days or while exercising.
  • When you buy organic it helps reduce pollution in our environment. Pollution from the textile industry is huge. Anything we can do to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals used should be considered. If we destroy our environment, our ability to grow fibers needed for both our undies and normal clothing becomes impossible.
  • Buying organic doesn’t always mean ethical, but many organic underpants retailers do take steps to source their products from local ethical suppliers. This reduces the carbon footprint our clothing leaves on the environment and helps the local economy.

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Here are some places to shop if you are thinking of making the switch to organic undies.

Blue Canoe  

Underwear Day - Why Not Go Organic? trusted clothes

Blue Canoe has a selection of panties to satisfy your organic needs. This pair is made from 28% organic cotton 66% bamboo and 6% spandex. If you dont like this style or colour there are plenty to choose from. And they sell matching bras!


Underwear Day - Why Not Go Organic? trusted clothes

Why buy one when you can buy two? Rodales makes these from 95% organic cotton. They boast of a soft feel, even after many washes. This pack is on sale right now and at a very reasonable price. Your bottom will thank you.

Faeries Dance

Underwear Day - Why Not Go Organic? trusted clothes

There is a lot of selection at this store! Many different styles and colours to choose from. If you want a reasonably priced 5 pack or a pair that’s a little fancier, Faeries Dance has it. The pair above is made form 95% organic cotton and made in the USA.

Underwear Day - Why Not Go Organic? trusted clothes

I really like the idea behind this pair made from 55% jersey knit 44% organic cotton and 6% spandex, the idea behind this pair helps to reduce waste!

The Motley is made using scrap fabrics from our other Soy Lace panties to reduce waste.” 
So if you order this pair it may not be exactly as shown because they are using leftovers from the making of other pairs. Pretty cool!
There are a lot more options to choose from these days when you are shopping for organic panties. There’s different retailers, different styles, colours and various organic fabrics to choose from. The best part is that you dont have to sell your car to afford a pair! Do good for the environment and your tush, make the switch to organic fibers. Being green never felt so good!

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