Calculating your water footprint

Knowing your water consumption

Do you know how much water you use on a daily basis? We may have an idea how much we use in the shower, doing the dishes, laundry and maintaining a lawn and garden. How about your virtual water consumption that’s related to your lifestyle? Our water consumption is not limited to what we see pouring out of our taps and shower heads but extends to the things we own and the activities we do.  Do you eat beef more than you eat chicken? Shop weekly for clothes and accessories?

Calculating your water footprint

Understanding our water consumption can help us provide a solution to one of our most pressing problems: making sure there is enough water to sustain all living things on our planet.

By calculating our water footprint, we get a better idea of how our habits and lifestyle contribute to a larger water footprint and find ways to make better choices in our water consumption.

Go to and know your water footprint!

Calculating your water footprint

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