Emotionally Durable Design

Emotionally Durable Design check me out After studying textile design in London, I was inspired by my research into emotionally durable design and the cultural context of cloth and how internationally we relate to design, pattern and style. As a result of this research, I fell in love with Scottish Tartans and their representation of individual families and clans. Here was a historical example of emotionally durable design! With this as inspiration, we started to develop Check Me Out with the aim to create a cloth that more people could connect with. Emotionally durable design explores how the more we relate to things, their stories and purpose, the longer we cherish and preserve them.

Emotionally Durable Design check me out

The current high street fashion industry over the last couple of decades has focused on reducing the price, creating more and more on mass which has had a devastating impact on the people who are involved within the making of these clothes. Fast fashion is unsustainable and is a destructive approach to the industry today.

At Check Me Out we wanted to move away from this and create design and cloth with meaning. Using the ideas behind tartan, we design check patterns using colours from inspirational places. Our first collections focus on London – our home – and the colours within these designs come from the iconic London underground tube map, with the aim to connect our city with the design process. We are 100% transparent and British made and we believe if consumers have an emotional connection to pieces, they treat them more as an investment rather than disregarding them like possible other fast fashion fixes.

Emotionally Durable Design check me out

We have also launched a Kickstarter Campaign to run throughout August, 2016. The aim of the campaign is to pre launch the latest AW16 Menswear range of check patterned scarves woven in Scotland. One of the main reasons we started the process of crowd funding was to again connect with our followers and consumers by listening to their wants and needs. This, in turn, leads to a sustainable production process: only producing to order, minimalising waste and ultimately connecting people with the design process again.

Emotionally Durable Design check me out

We would love for you to join our journey and help connect people with design, follow our progress through our campaign and social media channels.


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About the Author

Holly graduated from the University of the Arts London with a woven textiles degree in 2009 and was interested in cultural textiles, traditional skills, and the inspiration and connection behind emotional durable design.
Having worked within the ethical labour standards industry as well as working within a new menswear label of woven textiles and ready to wear collections, Holly has been constantly designing and working on her own creative projects. Discovering how business works and taking part in the School for Creative Startups course in 2015, Holly set out to launch her own business to create a product that would inspire and draw a consumer in, and share the process of weaving within the textiles industry. Check Me Out launched in 2015 and is based in London. The focus is to create check patterned scarves inspired by amazing places around the world. The first and now second collection was inspired by London, using colours of the London Underground tube map. Connecting people with colour and the meanings behind how the products have been designed and produced.

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