Grandma’s report – my first post ever

In my first ever blog post, I feel lost, just as we all do when doing something for the first time.

I thought that, over the years, I’d become more self-confident and less lost, but changes are hard to catch, especially when working in a few narrow areas (my home, family, and knitting).

The most troublesome changes to me are the two following: social networking and finding myself in an increasingly polluted environment.

Two different topics, but both grow at an exponential rate, and, thus, are hard to ignore.

Social networking, although somewhat intimidating, seems not too difficult to accept and even take part in.

It looks like technology geeks have found the easiest possible ways for us to learn and manage their software, platforms and apps. Compared to what we learned to do manually at school 30 or 40 years ago, now it is just the matter of starting the computer, asking a few questions to the younger generations, and we’re self-sufficient! Isn’t this a beauty?

grandma knitting

However, with pollution I’m much more concerned. It seems to me that if we aren’t all, I mean ALL, unified in the fight to keep our environment clean, earth will become an empty space quite soon.

One of the big contributors is commercialization: in other words, mass-production. Why on earth do we need to have everything other people have? Why should each country produce, or follow, the same fashion, food, technology. OK, technology might need to be similar, food preferably local in summer season, but fashion? Why do we want to look like our friends in Europe, Asia, or other continents, when we can have our own unique clothes and styles? Are we really that brainwashed? Are we really that childish? Do we really need to act like a toddler – I want this one, I want, I want, I want (???)

“Raging Grannies” take a stand against oil

“Raging Grannies” take a stand against oil

I thought that unique style was always in fashion.

My personal style at the age of 50+ became just simplicity. I like colors, I like easiness of wearing, and I like to change from day to day. I just don’t like to shop for those expensive, same old same old clothes. When I go to the mall, all clothes look to me like “I’ve been there, done that”. Only prices are higher and higher. Plus I don’t like to shop in these crowded places. I usually shop online, where I can filter and sort the right price, size, color, fabric, and get a full description of the item (unlike shopping in person). It’s so easy and effortless. I check to make sure that I can get free shipping by spending above certain amount, and that I can return the clothes or shoes to the nearby store. That’s it. Oh, and I never save my credit card information in any online store.

Since I don’t chase high-end clothing and accessories, I am free to choose anything else. This is freedom! I can go totally organic, if I find it cheaper, or go to clothes swap and get it all for free! I also reevaluated my own shopping frequency and realized that I don’t need to buy new, when old is still in good shape and in style.

I am not talking about fashion, but style. Fashion is a dream to most consumers. In my opinion, it is given too much value, both in the meaning and money. And fashion is not the quick change we all are used to nowadays. Fashion with a capital F is something we should watch on the runway. Other than that, we should be able to dress in style.

Organic, ethical and sustainable clothing recently became stylish. This is the only style I admire, while barely accept other necessary items and do not give them any special meaning.

I dare to challenge all fashionistas and fashionistos to make your clothing stylish and sustainable!  Not synthetic, not made by slaves, not overpriced! Be stylish and follow the trends, as it seems to me that you do not create the trends anymore, but we, the consumers, do. Ha!

Join us and you’ll win too. We shall all win this battle for us, our kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. For the good and greatness of our mother nature, which we are part of!!

What we should be doing from the start?

grandchild quoteFor us consumers – search for organic, ethical, sustainable clothing, either in stores or online. The more requests you’ll issue, the more responses will be created. This is our power!

For fashionistas and big market players – please pay attention to our requests and respond to our needs. This will pay off, as the changes are inevitable.

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