Art from old clothing

Vetements designer Maja Weiss creates art pieces from old clothing

Maja Weiss, a sustainable and progressive designer has spent the last few years at the forefront of avant garde fashion. In this years Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, Maja sets up an art installation that shows “Second Fashion Cycle,” an installation that will be on display at the three-day fair.

maja weiss copenhagen fashion fair

“Second Fashion Cycle,” an installation by Maja Weiss at the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair

Maja was keen to “highlight the inherent value in any garment even one that has been discarded.” She worked with Trasborg, Danish leaders in the sorting and reselling of second-hand clothes to make a imposing and visually-arresting installation that consists of over 17 tonnes of used clothing presented in giant bales and acted as a insight to a hidden part of the industry.

The company has a few different categories of garments, so when the clothes come, it dispatches them to different categories, so this is the highest category,” Weiss explained. “We had to avoid the stench; the lowest category would even have, like, dead animals inside. Clothes get recycled according to the level of quality. The lowest quality goes into fibers for cleaning cloths, then car seats or mattresses, and then the clothes that are in the installation, for example, go to Eastern Europe or flea markets in Africa. It’s funny how they continue the journey and you don’t really think about it.”

Maja comments,” I wanted to present an alternative point of view. I want to show that even though you may no longer want a garment either because it shrunk in the wash or is “out of fashion”, it still has value.”

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