An Interview with Matilda Janosi of TildArt (Part Two)

Your major locations are London, Vancouver, New York, and Brisbane.

New York one is for exhibitors. There will be over one thousand. I am in the handmade section. With the British designer, this was an opportunity through the UK. I applied for the opportunity. They provided the opportunity for me.

These are great opportunities for me. It is great exposure and mutually beneficial. It helps with the international viewers, buyers, and agents. Agents are very important for spreading out my brand to different countries.

Tildart Fashion Show

Tildart Fashion Show

After the buyers come and know the product, they can order and communicate with me. It is important to put out the shops. I like that my company is eco-luxury. Right now, nobody really knows what it is.

Many designers use organic fabrics. I think it is really starting a special line with the recycled luxury fabrics. It is finding my market and hopefully this is becoming normalized. In fact, it is becoming more normalized in the fashion culture.

People care about the environment and the natural resources, and the environment. My products are made in London, and I source all fabrics from the UK. I only buy from UK sellers for the fabrics.

I am keeping this strong. I think it’s important to keep things based on and sourced from one country. A lot has been sourced from China for other companies and brands. They are not well-made products. They are made fast. They have to change.

It is fast fashion. I think fast fashion is the direction for most companies. I want to keep the handmade and unique products. I feel like with machines it is the same. I like having things different with the products.

My next collection will be British tailor-made. It is so beautiful. It lasts forever. I would like to combine with luxury fabrics for really nice products. The rubbish company is Spencer House. It is the house where Princess Diana lived before.

It is a good rubbish company. The rubbish company called me and asked if I would like to recycle the curtains. I said, “Yes!” I went crazy, “Oh my God, it’s so full of history.” It is British tailor-made styles.

I would like to put a touch of England history to it. I am just so excited to start on that project.

It is historic. You’re able to take the materials from one of the most famous people in London and then make something unique. It’s cool.

Tildart Collection

Tildart Collection

I am so, so happy to this company found me. I have been cleaning the fabrics. I had a look at the fabric quality, and the century. I have some from the 18th century. It is a wonderful project. I am so excited to give a second life for this kind of fabric.

It is full of history. It’s exciting.

A lot of the work you’ve been discussing, the shows, the fabrics, and the collections. What have been some major collaborations other than those stores like the rubbish provided by Spencer House? You contacting them or them contacting you.

You have skill sets they don’t have, and vice versa.

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