Ethical Fashion: A beginners guide

Ethical fashion, sustainable fashion, organic clothing, vegan, cruelty free and fair trade. There are so many labels that are related to ethical fashion so we have here our favorite articles from our archives to bring you up to speed on how you can make a difference just by being informed and making better fashion choices.


Why Go Ethical?

Little Fingers: Child labour in the garment industry

Lives lost to leather: Toxic chemicals harming child workers in bangladesh

Slavery Made: You’re wearing it

The hidden workforce

Rana Plaza disaster

Where to shop?

5 Slow fashion brands

Sustainable fashion that gives back

Ethical Fashion: Brands that recycle

Ethical fashion brands for the guys

Your guide to fairly and ethically made jeans

How you can help

One thing we can do

How to organise a clothes swap

Sustainable weddings: Donate your old bridesmaid dress

What are you doing to help keep our water clean

Ethical Fashion Tips


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