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Get Lazy hoodie, made in Germany and made by refugees

An ethical project you can get behind to support refugees

The migrant crisis has brought on refugees from Middle Eastern countries to Europe with the hopes of a better life. In Germany, designer Elke and Fabi have each dreamed of having  their own fashion label that is sustainable by having the items be made locally. But the lack of qualified tailors in Germany has hindered this dream.

Ahmed is a 40 year old tailor who was a headman responsible for a staff of 20 in a fabric workshop back in his native Syria. In 2015 he came to Germany as a refugee and has since been granted a legal alien status but not a resident permit. Life is difficult for a refugee, even when they have been granted some legal status to stay in a new country, they have difficulties getting employment and learning the local language and feeling part of a community. Since he met Elke and Fabi, he has gained an occupation that anchors him in his everyday life between the refugee camp and the workshop. He still lives in a refugee camp but now has employment with Elke and Fabi, pays taxes to the government and is even able to speak Deutsche.

Ahmed at the workshop

Ahmed at the workshop

The bureaucracy makes it difficult for Ahmed to gain full residency status in Germany.  To help him get this, Elke and Fabi are finding ways on how he can qualify by providing him and other qualified workers with an apprenticeship position.

The kickstarter campaign aims to provide similar help to other refugees with qualified skills.

The product

Be creative. Create your one of a kind original hoodie by sending a fabric for the inside of the hood

Be creative. Create your one of a kind original hoodie by sending a fabric for the inside of the hood

Get Lazy Hoodie is a unisex sweatshirt made of 80% organic cotton and 20% custom recycled cotton or fabric for that personalized look on the inside of the hood. No matter how often you wear and wash it, it remains as cozy and soft as on the first day without fuzzing and pilling.

You can personalize this hoodie by sending a piece of fabric that you want sewn in or made into the design of the hood!


Design your hoodie


How your contributions will be used

Once they get the funding goal, the breakdown is quite simple: only 150 hoodie orders can cover the costs of employing a refugee for a month.

  • If they arrive at 15.000 EUR, they can buy the fabric at Albstoffe, set up the production and you are guaranteed your new favorite hoodie, that they sew package and send with love.
  • At 30.000 EUR they can offer an apprenticeship position and Ahmed can share his knowledge and experience.
  • At 50.000 EUR they can offer the unisex hoodie in various colors! Special offer: The Female Hoodie with side cut, batwing sleeves and a special V-neckline. They would then have a capability to offer at least a further part-time job.
  • At 70.000 EUR they can definitely create a new job position and employ a further refugee full time.
Fabi, Elke and Ahmed at the the workshop

Fabi, Elke and Ahmed at the the workshop

The waiting list of highly motivated and qualified tailors from Syria and Afghanistan is long. And an even longer process for these refugees to get integrated into the community. Elke and Fabi, with this kicktstarter campaign, aims to help eacha nd everyone that they can gain apprenticeship with Get lazy hoodie.

Click here to see this kickstarter campaign and know more about the Get Lazy Hoodie.

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