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So it’s no surprise that to get through the week, we usually have our favourite music to get us in the mood to hustle hard during the day, or unwind at night. Music gets no day off, and continues to lubricate the ludicrous behaviour of the weekend to the fullest.

Crepe Records clothing

Crepe Records clothing Badger top

Having fun is incredibly key and unfortunately underrated for adults. Being able to allow yourself to be bravely mischievous helps oneself feel confident and rejuvenated. It also helps those around you lend themselves to expressing creativity and individuality. No need for counselling, or coffee breaks, just your style of music to carry away your insecurities. In step with the beat or not, you can let yourself be carried away with whatever music makes you switch off the reserved ‘work you’ and kindle your ‘devil may care’ streak.

Crepe Records clothing

Crepe Records mixes music and fashion to provide that freedom! Dreamt up by a husband and wife duo, Manisha and Justin, they’ve created a lifestyle brand that offers ethical clothing inspired by music and a “go to” website to listen to some unusual tracks and mixes to get you in a playful mood, ensuring adventure will be the note of the weekend! So that’s why I had to get this unique organic & hand printed tee featuring funky badger, picking out his favourite beats! There is something wild and natural about music and silly about the badger that lets me unwind and be carefree.

Crepe Records clothing

Crepe Records clothing Wings top

I think it’s great to wear clothes that set the tone of the informal and approachable you. There is wisdom in enjoying the playful side of what you are wearing at any age. In fact playfulness has been known to heal relationships and create bonds between strangers. Play in any form during the weekend is the opposite of the week’s work, it’s utterly purposeless activity. That is exactly what we need, purposeless pleasure: it’s what makes not only the weekend but our lives worth living, nurturing, more productive and most importantly cheerful.


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