Abundance: Another Perspective on Clutter?

As a society, and especially here in the U.S., it is amazing to witness just how much stuff we have.

Opening image for article in AARP Magazine on the social and psychological effects of clutter in the home.

Whether it is in our homes, offices or even our cars, stuff seems to be piling up everywhere. When I am referring to stuff I am referring to anything from clothing and shoes to stacks of magazines and books. There are televisions shows dedicated to getting people cleaned up and uncluttered.

Sometimes people literally bury themselves in their stuff. They cover their homes from floor to ceiling. These people often hoard because of a deep-rooted psychological problem. Although most people aren’t hardcore hoarders, most of us buy too much and create clutter. But is it really clutter? In reality, if we have clutter that means we have abundance, right?


A few days ago the Ellen DeGeneres show was on. As the show comes to an end, Ellen announces her 12 days of Giveaways for the audience for the holiday season. The cameraman pans to the audience and everyone gets excited, some almost crying. By the looks of it you’d think she was giving a million dollars to each person, but no, she was giving away stuff that the vast majority of people already own. Did those folks need more clutter in their life? Probably not. More likely, they are already truly living with abundance and they just don’t realize it.

Abundance comes in many forms. For the purpose of this article though, I’ve focused on material abundance. I believe we all have so much that we forget to be grateful or forget to share our excess with others. It is time to be more mindful and conscious of the world around us. Clearing out some of your material clutter and sharing your abundance with the world will also free your mind.


When you realize you are ready to share your abundance, there are many charitable organizations willing to help you make it easy. Donating your stuff is the fastest and easiest way to clear your clutter and your mind. It will also keep all that stuff out of landfills. Whether you use Goodwill, Salvation Army, or your favorite local charity, your perspective will change and you will recognize all the abundance you already have in your own life.

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