Having hope despite Donald Trump

The election of Donald Trump has sent shock waves around the world. People are reacting with fear, protests and sheer anger that such a man could be elected to be the “leader of the free world”. Tears are being shed seemingly wherever you look. Many of us hoped that with the election of a first female president we could look forward to better treatment of women, both at home and abroad. I personally was so confident in Hillary’s victory that I was writing an article on how I hoped that a female president would help garment workers abroad. Unfortunately, this has not come to pass. However, this doesn’t mean that we should give up hope in our fellow human beings.

Donald Trump’s election is an opportunity for everyone to come together and speak about our commonalities and try to understand our differences. Many of the people who voted for Trump felt marginalized and neglected and instead of insulting these people we should try and understand this and work together to create more unity. Now, this doesn’t mean that we ignore the deep divisions that Trump himself has caused with callous statements and actions towards women and immigrants. I am not saying that we accept the truly atrocious things he has said. I am simply saying that we should join together and have hope for a brighter future.

Trump is going to be one of the most powerful men in the world. But in the end, he is still going to be just one man. One man with a lot of power, true, but one man cannot drown out the voices of millions and billions. Instead of using our outrage on insults and violence, I say we use our it to join together and not only speak out but actually act and change the world. We don’t need a female president to make the lives of women better, we can do it ourselves. We can do it by creating petitions, by paying our employees equal wages for equal work, by changing how we treat our neighbors and through thousands of other ways. It is these individual acts of lights, which multiplied across the billions of us, will drown out the darkness and make us, as a whole, a stronger global community. The arrogance and vitriol of one man, even if he is the president, can be overcome, but to do so we must stand and act together.

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