Trusted Clothes celebrates 1 year Anniversary.

Kitchener, November 18, 2016 – Kitchener-based non-profit organization, Trusted Clothes, celebrates its first year of operation on Saturday, December 3rd. All interested residents of the Waterloo Region can attend an “open house” event, meet the team of volunteers and learn about the values and causes Trusted Clothes is fighting for. The event starts at 1 pm at their office located at 283 Duke Street West, Kitchener, unit 225 (office is located on second floor).

Trusted Clothes consists of a group of volunteers who have many years of experience in various fields such as marketing, manufacturing, media communication and global issues. Their mission involves raising awareness of the many issues surrounding the garment industry such as the environmental impacts of the textile and fashion industry being comparable to the oil and agriculture sector. Furthermore, they focus on the human stories of supply chains: poverty, slavery, child labour, human trafficking, abuse and work-safety issues. Trusted Clothes looks to educate consumers on product alternatives while transforming the industry to become more ethical, sustainable and healthy.

“I am honored by the explosion of interest, passion and support the community has given us,” said Shannon Schroecker, co-founder of Trusted Clothes. In just six months, Trusted Clothes has attracted over 250 volunteers and 17 partners, including Google, Microsoft, Kitchener Post, CBC Kitchener and the National Kidney Foundation. “If I can help raise awareness about the issues in the fashion industry, I’ll contribute so we can change the way we consume,” said Lyanne Núñez Castro, who has joined the organization’s communications team about a month ago. “This will affect the way we and many others around the world live. I believe that we all need the same opportunities to live a good life.”


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