An Interview with Marcia Admetller of Blue Dolls (Part One)

Marcia Admetller is the designer and founder of the womenswear brand Blue Dolls, an ethical Spanish fashion label with a clear concept: Provide quality and personality in each collection.

Marcia Admetller

Marcia Admetller

Tell us about yourself – familial/personal story, education, and prior work.

Since I was a child, I have been very attracted to the artistic world, since my parents had a graphic design and advertising studio in Barcelona. In my family, there was always a creative and freethinking environment, so that inclined me towards a creative profession.

I studied Fashion Design at the LCI Barcelona – Felicidad Duce School. During my student years, I was very active, participating in different national and international fashion circles specializing in design students.

When I finished my design studies, I started my professional career at the prestigious National Fashion Brand “Antonio Miro,” in his line “Miro Jeans.” I learned a lot. And that I prepared my career in brands like “Marithé et François Girbaud” and “Converse All Star.” Finally, after several years as a Designer and Coordinator in Fashion Companies, I decided to become independent and create my own Freelance Design Studio, working for several brands in the sections “Prêt-à-Porter”, “Sport Wear” and “Casual Wear”, creating Women’s, Men’s and Kid’s collections.

At this stage, I learned to manage my own company, which prompted me to take the step of creating my own Fashion Brand. A dream I had since my student days.

So, after 10 years of experience in the world of fashion, in 2008, I launched my first Collection of Blue Dolls®, in 2009. It is incorporated into the company with my current partner, who is also my life partner. We form a tandem that complements us, and we are the support of each other.

How did you get interested in ethical and sustainable fashion?

We wanted to capture in our brand our philosophy of life, which is respect for people and the environment, support, creation, and regeneration of local trade, and love for craftsmanship. Our understanding of the environment is what inspired us.

Blue dolls team

Blue dolls team

What is the importance of ethical and sustainable fashion designers and companies?

The creation of a development that involves a change of mentality in the final customer, the effort of a group of people, whether independent designers or companies, involved in the process of creation and manufacturing that struggle for a different way of working and consuming, from the protection of the environment up to the respect and the dignity of the people involved in the manufacture.

Whatever their contribution to this development is important, because every action we make, however small, is a step closer to a way of a more sustainable life.

At least that is how we understand it, it is all-or-nothing. If every designer, company, factory, etc., does a single action to contribute to a sustainable and ethical development, we get a global outcome that is beneficial with many actions, however small, amounting to a big action.

Who is a personal hero or heroine within the ethical and sustainable fashion world for you?

All brands, companies, designers, associations, communities, etc, that do what they can to improve the system of fashion.

What is Blue Dolls?

Blue Dolls® is an independent fashion brand, author’s design, based in Barcelona, Spain. We make women’s clothes. Every collection is Limited Edition.

We are currently preparing the launch of our new line, which is a men’s collection too.

Our company has a sustainable and ethical development. We do all the production process in our internal atelier, design, creation, experimentation, pattern-design, preparation, production process, photography, post-production edit, and so on. We respect people, we create decent and fair jobs.

We buy all our materials to local manufacturers and suppliers. We work with a craftsmanship concept. We make ethical, quality, and timeless fashion. We reuse our materials to give them a second life, like, for example, as our paper pattern design, which is reused for our garment packaging shipping, and in the previous winter collection too for our garment labels, made by hand by us, like every season.

Blue dolls studio

Blue dolls studio

What are some of its feature products?

At Blue Dolls®, we make small collections, but they cover all types of garments, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirt, pants, coats, skirts, dresses, and so on. We make all the products. What characterizes us is our quality, retro style, and inspiration can go from the 20s in one season to the 70s in the next. We are not typecast in a specific decade. But if all collections have a common style that makes them identify with the brand, we call it “the Blue Dolls® touch” Which may be Folk, Bohemian, British, Naïf, French, but always with our style and remembering the past.

If there is something that characterizes us, it is our dresses and blouses with loop in the neck and our contrasts and combinations of colors and prints.

What is your customer base – the demographics?

Our customer base is principally in Spain, highlighting the northern area of the country, from Catalonia to Galicia.

At the moment, we are focused on the feminine market. The majority age of our clients goes from 30 to 45 years.

Our customer is a person who understands and gives value to fashion manufactured with an ethical concept, who also likes to feel unique, wear a different fashion, not follow mass consumption, and is also a sensitive person who likes fashion with soul and he/she is aware of what this means.


There have been large tragedies such as the Rana Plaza collapse, which was the largest garment factory accident in history with over 1,000 dead and more than 2,500 injured. Others were the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (1911) and the Pakistan Garment Factory Fires (2012). What are the importance of human rights and worker rights in this new movement, and to the garment industry?

For us it is of the utmost importance, since people are the highest value, let us ask ourselves a question:

It is just that for half of mankind wear a new garment other half have to suffer injustice, exploitation, insufficient wages, inhumane working conditions in factories that do not have secure infrastructures and do not even provide them with adequate material when these people are in contact with chemicals for the treatment of some garment processes?

No, of course it is not fair, so for us the maximum value is to carry out a development involving people who are treated with respect and dignity, at all stages of the chain:

Decent job.

Fair salary.


Continued in part two…

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