Volunteering is one of those rare things in life which is a win-win situation: it provides a benefit not only for those people you are working to help but for you as well. Volunteering helps you grow as a person and teaches you humility and character.

Waterloo outreach program with Trusted Clothes

Waterloo outreach program with Trusted Clothes

Trusted Clothes raises awareness of the abuses and mistreatment of workers which happen in the garment industry. Millions of people, the vast majority of which are women, are employed globally in some facet in this industry. Many of these workers face physical and sexual abuse and work extremely long hours for extremely low pay. While creating this site and writing articles about these topics, I have expanded my own knowledge and often hear enlightening conversations from my peers about what it means to be a socially responsible and ethical person. There is also an economic benefit, as doing this helps my practice my skills and network with people and gives me another project to add to my portfolio.


Working at TrustedClothes has also given me the chance to interact with different people and given me hope that humans are, at their core, good people who want to help. Having the honour of working alongside these people has, I believe, made me a better person.


Trusted Clothes clothing swap

Trusted Clothes clothing swap

I truly believe in volunteering and helping your community and I encourage all of you to volunteer.


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