A story behind the product: Vilma Boutique

First of all, let me to introduce myself. My name is Vilma, I was born in a very beautiful country in Europe, Lithuania.

I always used to love sewing and designing since childhood. I created my first piece of “art” when I was about 8 years old, a dress for my doll. Of course, it wasn’t a perfect piece, but I really enjoyed the process. My hand sewing experience changed forever on my 15th birthday when my grandmother gave me a real sewing machine. It was an old model Singer sewing machine and I loved it! I still have it and keep it as one of my best memories.

Vilma vegan clutch

Vilma vegan clutch

I forgot to mention that I grew up in a traditional family, where fashion wasn’t taken seriously, so when I finished school, I continued my studies in the finance industry. But I always liked to look feminine and read articles about the latest designer’s collection, and deep down I wanted to be a part of the fashion environment. When I finished university, I finally was able to make a clear and very important decision in my life and follow my dreams. I moved to Greece (another childhood dream), where I started to build my own fashion brand and today I have my own studio in Athens, where I create, design and dream. In 2016 I opened my boutique online.

A decision I made as a 19 year old also shaped my boutique. When I was 19 I became vegetarian, and after 6 years I started to live a vegan lifestyle. In our family, we always had animals around, some fish and two dogs. So, the love for animals came naturally and it was the main reason I became vegan. Becoming a vegan taught me to love and respect lives. I never wear fur or leather, and I don’t sell them in my boutique. I always choose cruelty-free, animal friendly products. Also, I wanted to run a business which is based on the philosophy of my life and ethics and I am very proud of building a vegan brand. My priority is happy customers, so I offer sustainable, quality products and fantastic customer service. I believe that fashion can be sustainable, ethical and fair.

Thank you Trusted Clothes for giving me an opportunity to share my personal journey with ethical fashion  and inspire other people to follow their dreams.

Vilma Vaskevicute

About the Author

I am Vilma Vaskeviciute. I was born in Lithuania, and now I am based in Greece. I finished university in United Kingdom, and at the moment I run my own business. My biggest hobbies are traveling and dancing.

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