An Interview with Guadalupe García Jerez of CARPEDIEM Design (Part One)

CARPEDIEM Design stems from the need to respond to social sector concerned about sustainability and innovation within the current framework of fashion. Combining natural fabrics with more technology to provide greater comfort that you saw and being environmentally friendly.

Guadalupe García Jerez

Guadalupe García Jerez

Tell us about yourself – familial/personal story, education, and prior work.

I was born in Madrid, Spain. I´m bachelor’s in History by the UAM and later I dedicated a stage of my life to travel by diverse countries because I love knowing other cultures, thanks to my last profession of flight attendant, that help me a lot to achieve it.

You really learn many things and helps you open your mind and your perspectives. After that I came up with the idea of studying fashion design; Something that I had always liked and finished my degree in Fashion at the Polytechnic University of Madrid- CSDMM (on Sept. 2015) and On November of the same year I won the Second Prize Fashion Academy awards El Corte Ingles as fashion designer, also One of my designs was published in Meow Magazine, in the article “A living museum” on (2015) and I was selected as a new designer fashion promise in “Chueca 108 creative Festival” (2015) .

Now a day I’m Finalist in “Actua UPM”, Business creation awards, (Sept. 2016).

I’m the cofounder of CARPEDIEM Design; That I created on November 2015. It was created with the main idea of contributing value through the innovation applied to the fashion under a social ethic, and environmental. Trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible by means of more sustainable production, based on local production, highly handmade.


How did you get interested in ethical and sustainable fashion?

I think it is a way of feeling and understanding life. I, for example, have always been very sensitive about nature, animals…but I did not know the value to buy for example a T-shirt for  € 10, the human rights abuses of vulnerable people behind it all.

I began to become aware in this sense since I started my studies in design at the CSDMM-UPM, and I began to become aware of this and I began to inform me about the environmental costs involved in the production of a garment…thanks in large measure to the extraordinary Work made platforms like you – Trusted Clothes, Greenpeace…and that is so necessary…I believe that there are a series of ethical values that we must respect above all and we must strive to contribute our grain of sand to make a better world, more just, equal and respectful with both humans and the environment that surrounds us and it is the work and responsibility of all.

So when I started with my design work, I wanted to establish a main idea of the brand a fundamental principle such as work without child exploitation, respectful of the environment, with a local production, highly artisan, donate a percentage of sales to social funds and our future objective is the co-participation with a group of risk of social exclusion to make part of our products. I think that fashion has to engage more actively in this sense and I like to see that there is movement and reaction in this way and the most important is that the end customer is becoming more aware of it.

How did your educational/professional experience inform fashion work?

My experience in fashion is relatively short. Although I recognize that it has always fascinated me. I finished my degree in fashion design for U.P.M in CSDMM from 2011-2015.

And I made it up with some practices in some fashion companies and my collaboration in the costumes of a movie. After finishing my degree, I decided to create my own brand, where every day I learn something new, it is a constant challenge and I feel great satisfaction with it. I think fashion without commitment is not fashionable.

Since it has a high degree of responsibility in that society moves by mimicry, so if you educate yourself in healthy fashion and healthy habits I think we all win with it. That is also my commitment that motivates me to want to do it better and better in this sense every day.

What is the importance of ethical and sustainable fashion designers and companies?

I believe that they are opening an important way of expression of fashion, which no longer seeks only to fascinate. It is providing solutions and alternatives highly creative and efficient in a somewhat obsolete capitalist system.

By proposing new, more ethical, sustainable forms of production, and leading a change in practices throughout their supply chains, supporting the work of entities such as Trusted Clothes, Greenpeace…And is that the current trend to the consumption of fast fashion (Fast fashion) generate new fashion trends in increasingly shorter cycles, which is achieved through pressure on the supplier to deliver each time their products in shorter terms, which involves cuts in labor and environmental terms.

According to Greenpeace data We would be talking about the production of about 80,000 million garments per year worldwide; The equivalent of about 11 or 12 articles per year for every inhabitant of the planet, this volume of garments made, sold and discarded. This means a very high increase in the human and environmental costs of the garment throughout its life cycle.

We must avoid to a large extent the “disposability” since it is a key in this volume of business so great and the poor quality of many products added to the low prices motivates the need to change clothes routinely and therefore, life cycles becoming shorter, even when the fabric itself could last for decades. Much of this discarded clothing comes to landfills or is incinerated.

In Germany, one million tons of clothes are thrown every year. In the United States, the 13.1 million tons of textile products generated in 2010 accounted for 5.3% of municipal waste, while in the United Kingdom, it is one million tons per year, which places fashion brands in a key sector when it comes making a more conscious production and looking for new alternatives to it.

carpediem kids collection

carpediem kids collection

Who is a personal hero or heroine within the ethical and sustainable fashion world for you?

For me Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro for their great and untiring work of awareness through the creation of the Fashion Revolution Day, created from the tragedy of the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh in the year 2013, and whose work to raise awareness.

The great fashion brands, incipient designers and the final consumer about the irreversible costs of fast fashion is really admirable. On the other hand, GREENPEACE is doing an extraordinary work with the great fashion brands in the campaign Detox. And all people, companies, volunteers… that help to make it possible.

What is CARPEDIEM Design?

CARPEDIEM Design represents the timelessness of fashion, slow fashion. Under a more innovative and technological fashion design approach we want to transmit and create an ethical and exclusive fashion brand spirit where innovation and design are constantly evolving and vanguard, without losing the values of craftsmanship and the politics of respect for The environment and social commitment.

Our mission is that our vision reaches our final client and wants to be part of it, and generate an emotional bond with us. Combining natural fabrics with more technology to provide greater comfort that you saw and being environmentally friendly.

Carpediem collection

Carpediem collection

Our products are highly handmade, produced and made in Spain by CARPEDIEM Design, with unique designs and limited edition. Specialized in designs of woman, girl and accessories.

Given the uniqueness of the products we make, we work on commission, where each garment is created unique. Taste the feeling of wearing garments made with raw materials of top quality handmade which gives it a unique and different character. We are also helping to make more social aids. Do not miss it!

What are some of its feature products?

We are mainly focused on highly handmade accessories, especially handbags, and a small line of women’s clothing and some pieces of girl’s clothing. But we are expanding our offer and by the spring of 2017 we are going to launch a collection of women’s handbags that we will call capsule that we think is going to cause speculation based on a new fabric that I still cannot reveal, and we are working on it. And then we will create a collection of women capsule in the same way.

Continued in part two…

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