The Advantages of Vintage Fashion

Classic items that never go out of style  

Vintage fashion has become more popular over the years, perhaps because of nostalgia or because of the beautiful singularity of the garments that cannot be duplicated easily.

Vintage clothing are not just “used clothes”, they’re a piece of history, both in the historical sense and on a personal level. Think about the people who wore them: what is their story? Maybe they had a romantic story, a life of struggle, adventures to tell.


But, what is vintage fashion?  

Vintage fashion is clothing that is 20-100 years old, clothes that represents the era in which it was made. Not all vintage clothes are worn. You can also find it new as dead stock or handmade and believe it or not, there are collectors who view these garments as treasures.

How is that related to environmentalism?  

Well, according to Value Village, in Canada, more than 10.5 million tons of clothing end up in the landfill. How many people throw away clothing that isn’t trendy anymore? Guess you never thought it’d be back in style. You could have saved your money and the planet if you knew you would buy the same item again years later.

Velvet is back in style. The last time it was “in” was during the 1970s and 1980s, and, before that, the 1930s. Now many brands have at least one velvet product on their stores. Fashion isn’t as new as you’d think; everything comes back at some point.

Velvet is making a comeback in Fashion

Velvet is making a comeback. Schiaparelli couture deep fuchsia velvet evening coat late 1930s. Paris label, with dramatic fan-shaped pleats forming leg-o’- mutton sleeves.

If Fashion recycles, why can’t you? 

As some of you know, there are certain second hand stores that collect clothes to sell and are linked to not-for-profit organizations.

Why is Vintage Fashion so popular? 

In contrast to the technology industry, newer is not necessarily more desirable in the fashion world. Many celebrities have made appearances on the red carpet wearing vintage, from Kate Moss to Taylor Swift and Zooey Deschanel. Even top iconic music idols such as Madonna have walked the Red Carpet wearing a vintage Hollywood look (1991 Oscars).

Celebrities in vintage clothing

Celebrities in vintage clothing

There is historical significance in each outfit so now retailers such as Ebay or Etsy are big into vintage fashion. It’s not only because of hipsters; people in general tend to go back to basics. They appreciate the effort, history and quality of vintage items. Even though it’s popular, it’s definitely not for everyone.

Why should you buy Vintage Clothing?  

If you’re looking for something unique, you’ll find it for sure. Sometimes shopping gets a little boring when you see the same item in many different stores.

If you don’t want to feel like someone is a clone of you, if you really want to express yourself, vintage fashion is a great option for you.

Whether you are for or against new trends, vintage fashion is the perfect complement for any of those points of view. When you wear vintage alone, you distinguish yourself from the rest. When you add vintage to the current trends, you actually look ahead of what current fashion has to offer.

Pros and cons of vintage fashion  

Pros Cons
Uniqueness: You won’t find something similar anywhere. Vintage clothing are one-of-a-kind pieces that would be really difficult to reproduce, from the design to the buttons.
Adjustments: Many pieces are not tailored to our needs. But this can also be an advantage: when you modify certain pieces, you ensure to enhance the parts of your body you want to. So, it’s not completely a disadvantage.
Quality: Items were made to last. Many vintage clothing was made by hand, as opposed to now where big machines replaced people to fill the “need” of fast fashion.
Economic and environmental costs: You save money as you are not buying a new trendy piece. The cost of creating a new piece is not only expensive monetarily-speaking, but also environmentally-speaking, both through the use of natural resources and the creation of pollution. So you’d give the planet a break while supporting a charity.

So tell me, can you think of more pros? More cons? What has been your experience?

Would you buy vintage clothes?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Wearing vintage clothing and accessories is also a great way to experiment and use your fashion know-how to create a fabulous outfit.

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  3. I thought it was awesome how you mentioned that one of the best ways to be unique in the way a person expresses themselves was to try vintage fashion. Apparently, my younger brother was also in vintage fashion because he likes wearing a long coat, a fedora hat, and a long scarf around his neck. I just think that it doesn’t suit him because he has a rather slender, pretty boy look. Maybe I should get him a fashion magazine to see which style best suits his physique. Thanks!

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