DIY Eco Gift Wrapping

It’s a shame that the holidays bring so much waste, but one way we can try and change that is with eco-friendly gift wrapping. These simple tutorials use materials you can find around your home like plastic bottles and newspaper. Save money and give the gift of creativity to your friends and family this holiday season while saving the planet.

Toilet Paper Bags

First, take an empty toilet paper roll and flatten it.

Then re-open the toilet paper roll and fold each side over the end, like shown above.

Finish the box off with string or ribbon, and decorate with paint and papers, or just leave it plain. These boxes are great for gift cards, candy or even jewelry.

Put your own creative twist on this simple, but eco-friendly box with variations like eye-catching decorations, confetti or tissue paper filling, or even re-created with old maps.

Plastic Bottle Containers

For this tutorial you will need:

  • A plastic bottle (2L soda bottles work best, depending on the size of the box)
  • A pair of scissors

Cut off the top and bottom of the bottle. On one side of the cylinder make a crease, flattening it on one side. Folding the plastic into a rectangular shape, make 3 more creases equally spaced apart.

Along all of the side creases, cut slits to create the top and bottom flaps of the box. Repeat this step for both ends of the bottle. Round off the corners and fold each flap down. For one side of flaps, tuck the last flap under the first one so every flap is tucked under the adjacent flap. This will keep the end securely closed for the bottom of the box.

Now all that’s left to do is decorate! Any materials, such as ribbon or paint could be used to add your own desired customization to the box.

Plastic bottles can be used to create various types of boxes, for every kind of gift. For more tutorials or ideas, visit here.

Reuseable Fabric Gift Wrap

Every year we buy wrapping paper but throw it away after only once use. Instead of repeating this process with every gift, every year, try sustainable and reusable cloth gift wrap.

All you’ll need is a piece of cloth proportional to your gift; add a cute gift tag and you’re good to go. Change it up with different patterned cloths or these intriguing tying techniques and the creativity will never stop!


Try variations with other materials like sleeves from an old sweater.

Alternative Paper Wrapping

Newspaper is a great eco-friendly wrapping paper. Instead of recycling it, reuse it as gift wrap. Newspaper can also double a gift topper. The array of patterns from each page will add a unique vintage effect to every gift.

Brown Paper bags can also be reconfigured into a budget and time-friendly wrapping option. Use different combinations of cut-outs, ribbon and designs to transform a simple paper bag into stunning packaging for presents.

Old pages from books or newspaper can also be reused and folded into cute gift bags.

Eco-friendly wrapping will help reduce excess waste, while still keeping festive traditions alive. Get inspired and get creative with these do-it-yourself sustainable wrapping styles.  Alternative gift wrap is only one of the countless ways to celebrate the holidays with a clear conscience. A celebration shouldn’t have to result in harmful environmental impacts.

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