5 easy Christmas decorations from old clothes

We’ve posted many recycling and upcycling clothing ideas over the last few months and now we’ve found great ways to create Christmas and tree decorations from old clothes! Here are a few crafty holiday ideas that are quick and easy to do!

Tree baubles from old shirts

Don’t throw out that stained shirt! Read the tutorial here on how to make these fun and creative shirt baubles.

Christmas stocking from old sweaters

That old chunky knit sweater that has survived a lot of winters can be repurposed into these lovely stockings that can be stuffed with eco friendly and sustainable gifts! See the tutorial here!

Holiday wreath from old t-shirts

You can never have enough holiday wreaths! Upcycle all those old tshirts and cut them up in strips to make this holiday wreath. See here for the instructions.


Christmas pillows from old sweaters

Holiday pillows are a great way to add a festive touch to any seating area; but at the average cost of $20 for a pillow, they can break the bank! Here is a tutorial on how to make these Holiday pillows from old sweaters!

Snowmen decorations from old socks

Those socks with a missing pair can now be crafted into these adorable snowmen decorations. Find the tutorial here and get the kids involved in this easy DIY.


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One thought on “5 easy Christmas decorations from old clothes

  1. These are awesome and a great way to make your own decorative articles for the holiday season.. tried the above ones and they were great 🙂

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