How to Start A Vegan Lifestyle? Personal Experience and Advices

 Sometimes starting a vegan lifestyle can be a challenge to yourself and possibly  to people around you. My name is  Vilma, and I would love to share my personal experience and advice on how to start a vegan lifestyle and tips to make it easier.

  1. Have a Reason Why.
    I personally was very serious about my decision to run a vegan lifestyle.  Why? I had clear conscious reasons why I wanted to live as a vegan and those reasons really mean a lot to me. So, the main reason why I wanted to start a vegan lifestyle was ethical – the value of life, lives matter and etc. If you want to be a vegan just because one of your friend or role model is, that will not help you. Well, theoretically you could be a vegan in the start, but practically it will not last very long. To make a decision, you have to have a strong motivation.
  2. Be Ready to Change your Life.
    Once you have decided to start a vegan lifestyle, it’s time to prepare yourself for some major changes. This step includes more changes mentally and being emotionally ready. To be honest, it wasn’t difficult for me to start a vegan lifestyle, but just because I was a vegetarian beforehand, and I already rejected many animals ingredients – like,  leather shoes or handbags, fur coats and many other products that are made from animals. Its very important to understand that vegan lifestyle is not about eating vegetables all day. A vegan lifestyle is a philosophy of life, which cares about lives and environment, and full of love, so it’s not only about nutrition, it includes what you wear, what you buy and even where you go.
  3. Be Informed.
    Since you decided to be a vegan, don’t let anyone judge or criticize you. Remember: your life, your rules. But if you go to visit your friends or celebrate holidays, inform others about your new life changes, or bring food for yourself. In this way, you will avoid any misunderstandings and you will not feel hungry. But don’t forget, that you don’t have to convince others to be a vegan, just share your favorite vegan meal with them!
  4. Do Your Research.
    As I mentioned before, to be a vegan, means to be a vegan in all situations of your life. I would like to share a few tips on how to make it more easy:
  • Do your research on how to eat a healthy and balanced plant – based diet. Of course, the best idea would be to visit a professional nutritionist, but these days an internet is full of information.
  • Read labels. If you buy a new blouse or shoes, make sure it doesn’t have any animals consumption, like silk, wool, or leather.
  • Before going out, research vegan friendly restaurants and grocery stores in your area. It will make your shopping trips a lot easier and will let you to avoid any stress.
  • Read more vegan books, visit vegan meetings, be active in vegan forums and meet other people. They can help you to stay motivated and confident in your journey.

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I am Vilma Vaskeviciute. I was born in Lithuania, and now I am based in Greece. I finished university in United Kingdom, and at the moment I run my own business. My biggest hobbies are traveling and dancing.

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