Fashion Innovation at CES 2017

The yearly CES convention is now on it’s 50th year. With over 38,000 companies featuring their latest innovations, here is one startup that shows us the future of eco fashion.

Wair’s anti pollution scarf

Clausette, a French startup is hoping to capitalize on pollution and air quality concerns around with world with its antipollution scarf called Wair.

WAIR is an efficient, stylish and comfortable solution against pollution. Bad air quality is responsible of 7 millions deaths each year. So far, the only protection affordable is the mask, but they are not that efficient when it comes to filtration or style.

WAIR is the first anti pollution scarf. As a fashionable scarf, it is doubled by a filter, and you also have an electronically assisted filtering case, that makes breathing way easier. Also a preventive app, it can gives you air quality in real time mapping.
It is definitely the smarter way to protect yourself against pollution.


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