An Interview with Piya Jain of Maha Mala

Maha Mala creates beautifully hand crafted 108 bead Necklaces using crystal and Indian Traditional seeds. These 108 bead necklaces are called ‘Malas’ in Sanskrit and are used for chanting. Based out of the heartland of India, New Delhi; each of their crystals are sourced locally and every product is hand made. Read more about Maha Mala in our interview with co founder Piya Jain.

Piya and Nora od Maha Mala

How did you get interested in ethical and sustainable fashion?

It really seemed like the need of the moment. With all the use of chemicals in this fast consumerism world, I felt like we need to go back to the roots and be more organic.

What seems like the importance of ethical and sustainable fashion designers and companies?

I feel that for ethical and sustainable fashion companies, it isn’t exactly what they are selling but about the numerous people they are benefiting. It could be food, or clothing or accessories, there is always a multitude of people involved in the process and where as most companies don’t care about the efforts made at the grassroots, the more organic companies really do give importance to that.

What seems like the importance of a (relative to the country) living wage?

Mostly workers in today’s day and age are exploited. Everyone wants a good product for a cheap price. While the companies make a sizable profit, the workers suffer at the most. Hence it is important to pay the workers well so that together the company can grow with them.

What is Maha Mala?

Maha Mala is a spiritual Jewellery company specializing in making 108 prayer bead necklaces, also known as Malas.

Rudraksha seeds interspaced with faceted Amethyst and a Raw Amethyst drop.

What inspired the title of the organization?

Maha Mala means ‘Grand Necklace’. It is a personal product used for ones own personal growth so it is a grand aspect of one’s own life.

What are some of its feature products?

Semi precious and precious gemstones and Ahimsa silk (cruelty free silk).

What are the main fibres and fabrics used in the products?

We use Ahimsa silk. It is silk that is farmed without killing the silk worms. We also use organic khadi material for packaging of each mala.

Dhairya Manka featuring beautiful pearls in between the holy Rudraksha seed.

Who grows, harvests, designs, and manufactures the products of Maha Mala?

I do. I am the owner of Maha Mala.

Will the fibres and fabrics for the products from the company biodegrade?


What is the customer base – the demographics?

The spiritual community of the world. People who meditate and practice yoga.

Maha Mala in Spiritfest Africa

What topics most interest you?

Gem therapy, Sustainability and natural therapy.

Did someone mentor you?

Yes, over the years I have read many books that touched me deep within ad I do have an eternal mentor in life.


Thank you for your time, Piya.

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