Winter Coats Infographic

In Winter the best moments are ones spent out enjoying the change in season. As the world has transformed into a wonderland for a few short months, everything is blanketed in fluffy white snow before melting away and revealing ordinary life once again. Snuggled up in your warmest, cosiest parka; real fur and down makes for extra comfort and style, but it is rarely considered the amount of pain and suffering that has been sacrificed for our comfort in the cold.

The world may have become cold, but your heart should’t have to be cost its warmth.

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Author Amy Mccormach

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Amy is a high school student who enjoys using writing for the purpose of expressing an opinion or point of view on a subject matter. She most enjoys creative writing in the form of fictional stories and descriptive writing pieces. She hopes to be able to give advice and impact the lives of other through the written word, and pursue a career in writing in the future. As a hobby she also enjoys reading, listening to music and composing her own short stories.

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