Trump instates global aid ban for NGO’s providing abortions

Donald Trump has just signed an executive order banning funding to all overseas organizations which provide abortions. This policy not only defunds organizations which directly provide abortions but any organization which is viewed to “promote” it as well. This legislation will hurt women everywhere, particularly those in developing countries, where organizations rely on foreign funding to be able to provide health care services. This impacts not only issues regarding abortion but a broader spectrum of things relating to women’s rights.

It is immensely disappointing, though not wholly unexpected that Trump has turned his words against women into reality. As one of his first acts of president, he has jeopardized the health and safety of millions of women. He and his many republican colleagues claim to care about life, but they are so quick to harm the lives of women. If they were truly “pro-life” they would increase women’s access to important resources which provide contraceptives, women’s hygiene products, STI treatment, physical examinations, and many other things. Vitally, these organizations provide a place where women can go and feel safe in talking to someone about their needs and where they can gain information in a judgement-free zone. In enacting this policy, Trump has not only harmed the physical health of women, but their mental health as well. This is another move by this republican government which hurts the poor the most. Upper-class women may still be able to travel to get abortions (although that is certainly no easy task either) while poor women will not have access to this resource, further trapping them in the cycle of poverty.

Thankfully, there is opposition to this legislation, with a number of politicians calling for it to be overturned. Sen. Shaheen has said that she is committed to introduce bipartisan legislation to reverse the policy.

At Trusted Clothes we care about the health and safety of women very deeply. We hope that this terrible policy will be reversed and stand and march with all those groups who are calling for an end to it.


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