The Shoe That Grows

The Beginning of The Shoe That Grows

Earlier this week when I was scrolling through through my Facebook feed, I saw a very interesting and powerful video that caught my eye. Children in developing countries are usually seen with having inadequate footwear that they have outgrown as they continue to grow at a rapid pace and are therefore having to squeeze their feet into shoes that are too small for them. When Kenton Lee, who is the founder of The Shoe That Grows, was living and working in Nairobi, Kenya in 2007, he noticed this unfortunate reality for many children in these countries where parents are unable to afford the cost of constantly replacing their children’s shoes as they continue to grow out of them. This led Kenton to ask many questions as to why this is and what he could do to help fix this ever growing phenomenon. After putting a lot of thought into the problem at hand, he finally came up with an idea that is not only a great solution, but is also able to help children and adults alike. He thought: “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a shoe that could adjust and expand – so that kids always had a pair of shoes that fit?” and this simple, yet incredible idea, eventually became a reality after five years of hard work and rejection from several different shoe companies. The Shoe That Grows was then born and Kenton’s dedication and positive belief became reality.

The True Reality of the Situation

Over two billion people in the world suffer from soil-transmitted diseases and parasites. These people are primarily living in areas without sufficient sanitation, which leads to poor hygiene as well as not having the right clothing or access to healthcare. They are constantly sick and struggling and it feels like all hope is lost because children end up missing a lot of school and are unable to help their families due to the pain they are suffering. Many of these diseases and parasites that get into the body can be eliminated by simply wearing shoes. According to the website, there are over 300 million children who do not have shoes and countless more with shoes that do not fit. This is a staggering amount of children who are prone to diseases and parasites each and every day! But now there is a solution that will grow with the child as their feet continuously grow and change sizes throughout the years and this invention is called The Shoe That Grows!

About the Shoe

The Shoe That Grows is a shoe that can grow five sizes and is able to last for five years. The shoe itself is an adjustable sandal and comes in three different sizes: Small for ages five to nine, large for ages ten to fourteen, and adult (U.S women’s size 7 / men’s 6 to 12) to help out the older generation. The best part is that the shoe is an affordable price and only costs $15! If you want to help children in need and make an impact on a community that needs your help, you can donate a pair through Because International and make a lasting difference in the lives of children and adults around the world.

How is this Shoe Ethical, Sustainable, and Healthy?

Here at Trusted Clothes we are all about promoting ethical, sustainable and healthy fashion by raising awareness of the fashion industry globally, educating consumers and connecting you to others that feel the same way. The Shoe That Grows is doing just this in the following ways:

  • Getting a high quality shoe at an affordable price through production work that started in China. The organization has hired a U.S based firm to oversee the production of the shoes and have also visited the factory themselves to make sure that they understand the process and working conditions of the people who work there.
  • The organization is not only producing as many shoes as they can for the people that need it, but are also providing jobs to these underdeveloped regions as well. They are currently in the process of working toward a long-term production relationship in Ethiopia and also in the beginning stages of potential production in Haiti. Another goal of their organization is to expand their product to other countries around the world who are in need and make a change in today’s society and on the fashion industry itself.
  • The Shoe That Grows is very easy to transport as it is able to compress into itself so that you can fit fifty pairs of the small size in a regular suitcase that weighs under fifty pounds. The flexibility of the shoe itself solves a lot of logistical problems during transport.

So, go over to The Shoe That Grows‘ and read all about them and how you can get involved in this amazing organization and change the world for the better as well as make a lasting difference on the fashion industry as a whole!

P.S!! You can donate a shoe by The Shoe That Grows “Fill a Duffie” program, take the shoe with you through their “Take the Shoe” program, or even buy a pair for yourself or someone you know!

If you want to help children in need, as well as adults, this is the perfect fit! (pun intended)

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