Reasons to buy an organic mattress

Organic mattresses and its benefits at a glance. As more people are turning to save the environment, sustainable bedding is gaining popularity. People want to protect themselves from harmful chemicals which are used to make household products. The farming procedures are followed by the more natural approach of eco-friendly bedding. Organic cotton products are not only beneficial to the buyer but also for the environment.

There are some serious skin infections which can be overcome by switching to organic bedding.

Organic cotton bedding reduces skin irritations while other types of bedding materials are made up of synthetic clothing which can cause skin issues. A cotton bedding of poor quality have a higher percentage of synthetic mixed in the fabric. Such cotton bed sheets can cause rashes, itching and breakouts. People who are allergic to such substances, do not get a good night sleep. An organic mattress sheet can get rid of this problem. Some specific key points to measure the benefits of an organic bedding over the non-organic one:

  • Organic cotton has the tendency to absorb moisture from our bodies better than synthetic products. Organic cotton can also helps eliminate excessive sweating.
  • Cotton mattresses ‘breathe’ along with your skin which gives a peaceful night of sleep.
  • This also helps the mattress to dry faster and avoids mould.

Other than the health benefits one can enjoy from their organic cotton sheets, pillows and quilts, there are other advantages to the environment.


Organic mattress

By purchasing organic cotton bedding, you support and promote the organic farming industry.


This helps encourage the use of agricultural methods that are not harmful to the environment and reduces the amount of potentially harmful chemical compounds present in the air.

Certified organic bedding comes with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This ensures that the manufacturer has grown the material organically. In addition the label represents that the manufacturer has followed strict and fair labour processes that means all the workers have a hygienic work area and they earn enough to maintain a hygienic living.

Organic cotton is comforting and beautifully soft for sensitive skin as it is 100% toxic-free, making the sleeping experience happier. Organic cotton bed sheets are strong in quality and lasts longer.

The quality of the bedding plays an important role as they spend 70% of their first year in bed. An infant’s skin is more porous than that of an adult and has higher absorbing tendency of residue. Hence the mattress should be healthy to keep your baby’s skin fresh.

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