Well That’s A Fruity Idea!


Move Over Leather – There is a New Kid on the Textile Block!

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea…no no…I’m just kidding…but seriously…pineapples are the new best thing in the fashion industry today! Do you know why? Because of Piñatex™! Piñatex was created by Ananas Anam Ltd. in 2013 and is an entirely new approach to non-woven textiles. It is made completely out of pineapple leaves and is just as durable as traditional leathers, but with the added benefits of being cleaner, more sustainable, and vegan. Not only does it combine sustainability with fashion, but since it is a by-product of pineapple farming, it doesn’t require any extra land, water, fertilizers, or pesticides. Piñatex™ has been recognized as a pioneer in the development of innovative textiles by the fashion industry and is continuing to make it big out there in the world of fashion.

More Facts About Piñatex™:

  • It evolved from seven years of research and development to create a natural textile from waste plant fibres.
  • The original development leading to Piñatex™ was carried out in the Philippines.
  • The finishing research and development of Piñatex™ has now began in the UK and Spain.
  • Piñatex™ involves a patent-pending technology that protects both the process and the finished material.
  • It provides new additional income for farmers and also creates a vibrant new industry for pineapple countries!
  • Ananas Anan Ltd. manufactures and sells Piñatex™ from its head office based in London, England.
  • Piñatex™ is 100% vegan!
  • And the best part about all of this – wait for it – no pineapples were harmed in the making of Piñatex™!

Awards That Piñatex™ Has Won:

  • Award for Material Innovation from the Arts Foundation UK (2016).
  • Certified as “Vegan Fashion Label” by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and received their Innovation Award (2015), which was a first for a raw material, alongside Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, and Simone Rocha.
  • Dr. Carmen Hijosa, creator of Piñatex™ and CEO of Ananas Anam, was amongst the world finalists of the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards (2015).

The Different Textiles of Piñatex™:

Piñatex™ Original:

  • Piñatex™ Original is the first collection to be launched in the market.
  • It’s texture is soft, pliable, and strong.
  • It is engineered to suit the making of bags, shoes, and furnishing.
  • The colours of Piñatex™ Original are classic, timeless, and unisex: Charcoal, Natural, and Brown.

Piñatex™ ORO:

  • Piñatex™ ORO is the glamorous follow up to Piñatex™ Original.
  • It’s texture is shiny, smooth, and firm.
  • The company can see Piñatex™ ORO complementing as a catchy element into the design of products made of Piñatex™ Original.
  • The only colour available in this collection right now is Gold.
Products Made of Piñatex™:

A selection of companies have created the first products made from Piñatex™, which are now available to purchase on their websites. Some of these products include: Vegan Shoes by NAE, PiñaBook Laptop Case Designed by Vegator, ELLO V PIÑATEX™ Designed by Po-Zu, Bags Designed by Ina Koelln, Bass Pineapple Sweater Designed by ROMBAUT, Piñana Bags Designed by Vegemoda, and many, many more.

Some of the products are still prototypes based on on-going research and development such as the following:

  • Bag by SmithMatthias
  • Car Seat
  • Handbag by Mayya Saliba
  • Furnishing by John Jenkins
  • Sneakers by Camper
  • Smartphone Case by Dr. Carmen Hijosa.


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