Saving the World’s Oceans, One Shoe at a Time

About the Shoe

Adidas’ latest running shoe is subtle and soft-looking with stitching that evokes the sea. Adidas came out with the first prototype of the shoe in 2015, with the intent of playing a small role in cleaning up the oceans and adjusting its supply chain to better reflect the constraints of climate change. By the time 2016 came around, Adidas already had a finished product completed. In order to achieve this, the company partnered with a non-profit organization, called Parley for the Oceans, where reducing plastic waste in the oceans is their number one goal. This initiative is giving consumers all over the world something to root for because of a few reasons. The first being the fact that this new idea allows consumers to show their appreciation for the oceans. Another reason why this new product is so great is because it could potentially motivate other companies to see the oceans waste problem as an opportunity for innovative environmentalism.  This new running shoe made by Adidas is literally saving the world’s oceans one shoe at a time!

Some Interesting Facts

  • The new running shoe is almost entirely made from plastic that has been recovered from the ocean.
  • The product is made with 95% ocean plastic that was recovered near the Maldives.
  • In 2017, the brand aims to produce 1 million pairs of sneakers from more than 11 million plastic bottles.
  • Each year, 8 million tons, or 16 billion pounds (7.2 billion kilograms) of plastic enter the world’s oceans.
  • There are about 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the oceans today.

The Product’s Next Steps

In the near future, 7,000 pairs of the “UltraBOOST Uncaged Parley” will be on sale for $220 each.  Adidas is also striving to eliminate virgin plastic from its supply chain altogether and hopes to expand its plastic cultivation to a lot more of its product line. Therefore, Adidas new running shoe isn’t just a gimmick because it actually represents real change for the brand.

The Harmful Effects on Marine Life:

The world’s oceans are filled with plastic, which is harming marine life. Big pieces of plastic are routinely ingested by animals who then end up facing a range of health problems. As the plastic breaks down, it leaches toxic chemicals into the water and deteriorates into small debris that blanket the ocean’s floors and are ingested by organisms up and down the food chain.

Adidas is only starting to reduce the problem by a small amount, but the huge multinational corporation is shining a light on the problem and is lending credibility to clean-up efforts. When supply chains become circular and self-sustaining, the environment is protected from overexploitation and pollution. If this became the norm, the environments everywhere would be saved and there would be much more space to test out these sneakers. Adidas says “We are working with Parley to transform ocean plastic pollution into high performance sportswear, spinning the problem into a solution. The threat into a thread.” #ADIDASPARLEY


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