Stand up and Speak Out with Toastmasters

Are you passionate about social justice, environmentalism, ethical clothing or women’s rights? Do you read articles on Trusted Clothes and wish that you could speak about the important issues you read about in your life? Do you often face situations where you wish you could stand up and protest something, but you’re just too scared?

Well, there is a great organisation called Toastmasters which would be great for you! Toastmasters logo
Toastmasters international is a not-for-profit public speaking organisation which started in 1924 and has served over 4 million members and operates in 142 countries today. Toastmasters gives you a chance to develop and practice your public speaking skills in front of a group of your peers. Through the leadership and communication track at Toastmasters you can become a better leader and a better public speaker. So next time you are given an opportunity to speak about something you care about, you can stand up and speak with conviction.

I joined Toastmasters myself about 6 months ago and it has been an amazing experience, I have matured and grown as a speaker and now I feel comfortable speaking in front of an audience of any size. I have delivered speeches on the importance of volunteering, voting and even on Trusted Clothes and throughout my journey, I have garnered great feedback from my group. Toastmasters provides a safe environment which even the biggest introvert would feel comfortable in. You can go completely at your pace in Toastmasters and there are no requirements to sign up, anybody can join!

Through my time at Toastmasters I have been privileged to listen to some truly inspiring speeches, win a couple of speaking contests, improve my communication and leadership skills, and have made some great friends along the way!

I would strongly recommend anyone and everyone who wishes to speak out about important issues to join your local Toastmasters club. You can find a club near you at There is an open-door policy for guests and you can attend a meeting as a guest as many times as you want before you decide to sign up. I am a member of K-W Toastmasters here in Waterloo and we would love some more members so that we can grow together.

If you have any other questions about Toastmasters, please comment below and I will be happy to answer them.

I hope to see you in a meeting in the near future!



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