Happy April Fool’s day and even better, happy Do It Yourself (DIY) day!

For the most part when talking DIY we think of taking some time off for fun crafting. But DIY is an awesome way of doing your part for the environment. DIY centers around repurposing or making items yourself that you could have bought at say, places like wal-mart. But now instead of supporting bigger chain stores and throwing things into landfills, you can elongate the lifespan of an item by making it new (to you) again.

In celebration here are 3 easy things you can do yourself with any old t-shirts you may have been thinking of donating or throwing out:

Make your own produce bags out of old t-shirt:

Turning your t-shirt inside out, trace out how big you want your bag to be.

You can keep the existing hem of the shirt or cut it off. Either way works fine. Using the existing hem may make the handles a little stronger though.

Sew along the seams.

Using a ruler and marker, mark where you want your slits, making sure you leave at least 4 inches between the top of your bag and your last slit. These four inches of fabric are where you make the slit for your handle.

Stretch out your bag and voila! Produce bags of all sizes and colours.

Pictures and idea from:

Revamp a plain old black t-shirt with some white paint

Cutting out circles on construction paper, place where you want your moon phases to go on a black t-shirt.

Using a sponge and white paint, dab inside the circles, putting various pressures around to mimic the moon’s craters.

And tah-dah


Turn an old t-shirt into a tank top for the coming summer:



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