The Earth day and our old clothes

Every year tonnes of different kinds of clothes  are disposed of in Ontario.  People like to clean their closets and basements at home and sometimes don’t think about the consequences to the environment.

In fact, the textile and specifically the garment  industry are among the most polluting industries in the world economy.  It takes many years for disposed clothes and other garments to disintegrate, and the chemical products penetrate the soil and the water, affecting the sensitive ecosystems of the planet. Possession of various household goods and garment has different aspects including non-material and spiritual. Do we really need so many things and can we make somebody else happy and joyful with them ?

The dyeing treatment in the textile and fashion industry accounts for of industrial water pollution.

Do you have an idea about what to do with your old worn socks for example?  If they are still in good condition, of course a donation to shelters and people in need can be made. Waste Management does not have specific program for the recycling of textile. However The Region of Waterloo and Goodwill industries  have textile reuse and recycling  programs. Different kinds of clothes are accepted, outerwear, belts, purses as well. All of us can do something good for those in need ! There are many newcomers including refugees still adjusting to the life in Canada and to the cold winter, we can easily make them feel comfortable and happy.

Fast Fashion Is the Second Dirtiest Industry in the World, Next to Big Oil

People buy and consume much more than they need as a matter of fact. Kitchener – Waterloo region is diverse and has a long tradition in the accommodation  of the new Canadian and providing them with essentials. I am living in diverse neighborhood  and see many residents with big families which would be happy to have some of your clothes and socks.

Even the biggest  ideas started with something very small – for example with your old clothes and the desire to help to the needy to start a new life, to feel the warmth of the love and compassion. Canada is the country which welcomed thousands of refugees during the years, took advantage of their human capital and virtues, made them proud to name themselves Canadian. Let us make this Earth Day different and to transform our old and useless belongings in something new and inspirational ! The spring is knocking on the door …….

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