Spoken Word Poem: I’m guilty too

Corporate-manufactured clothes leave brothers and mothers starving and thirsty without homes

I guarantee nobody wants to be working for cents but rents gotta be paid

Millions of women working as slaves being abused and used

This shit isn’t a ruse, the situation’s a lose-lose

Are those shoes really worth their tears and fears of rape?

It might be a rude awakening as my views accuse you of being complicit

But listen, cause the truth don’t lie and I’m guilty too

We’re in the swamp and I’m filthy too, what can we do?

With politicians on their own missions and ambitions, scheming to get higher and higher positions

4 years since Rana Plaza and nothing’s changed, the system seems deranged and estranged from reality

Climate change is gonna be strange to comprehend but in the end we gotta face up to the trend

We gotta defend our planet cause’s it’s all we got, don’t let it be bought

We might go to mars but not everybody’s gonna be an astronaut

That’s right, you’re getting taught and I hope it isn’t for nought

I’m educating you cause it’s not too late to congregate and change our fate

But enough talk, Tick tock, let’s rock, let’s walk cause we racing…against the clock

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Aazir loves to explore many fields of knowledge, especially the 4 P's: Physics, Programming, Philosophy, and Poetry. At anytime he can be found producing code, perusing epic poetry, pontificating about Plato, or pondering multiple dimensions. He's an award-winning public speaker and is passionate about speaking out on social justice issues.

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