Dress Sustainably for Cinco De Mayo

Its is Fiesta Time and Celebrating Cinco de Mayo isn’t just about the margaritas. Dressing up in bold colors and festive style is all part of the fun!  So, we’ve found some bohemian and Mexican inspired prints in the red white and green of the Mexican flag, from ethical and sustainable fashion brands to get you fashion ready for Cinco!



1- Green dress from Free People2- Cross body from up cycled styles3- Earrings from Fashion Conscience, 4- Bracelet from Fashion Conscience 5- Earrings from Matatraders6- Green romper from Free People, 7- Ruched skirt from Fashion Conscience


1- White romper from Free People2- Shoes from Fashion Conscience,  3- Necklace from Matatraders4- Sandals from Fashion Conscience5- Anklet from Upcycled Styles, 6- Top from Fashion Conscience7- Clutch from Upcycled Styles 



1- Red dress Free People, 2- Sandals from Oka B3- Ring from Matatraders4- Suff from Matatraders5- Red top from Matatraders ,6- Earrings from Matatraders7- Clutch from upcycled styles

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