3 reasons to make Second-hand Fashion your First choice

According to ThredUp’s 2016 Resale Report, the average American has about 93 items in their closet but only wears 30 regularly. While people are willing to donate generously, only 20% of clothes put in recycling are ever recycled, and only 15% of clothes offered to charity get used. The rest go to landfills.

Second hand clothing should be our first choice when shopping for new clothes.

These perfectly usable, but neglected, clothes experience a full, extended life in new owners’ wardrobes. Resale is not an uncommon concept, and is already popular with automobiles, electronics, books, furniture etc. ThredUp finds that 49% of resale transactions in 2016 related to clothing, shoes and accessories. Fashion resale generated about $17 billion in revenues in 2016. Here are three reasons why you should definitively consider the resale channel for buying and disposing of your clothes.

1. It is good for the environment

Shopping second hand has environmental benefits

Before we talk about what’s in it for you, take a moment to comprehend the bigger picture – the environmental benefits. If you consider yourself a conscientious consumer, then carbon footprint and global warming ring alarm bells in your head. Buying resale fashion slows down virgin production, thereby reducing harmful emissions, conserving water and diverting clothes away from landfills. As the second most polluting industry, fashion needs every bit of help to contain its harmful impact on the environment. A simple routine change – buying from fashion re-sellers – can go a long way in contributing to the greater cause of a greener planet. 

2. It is economical

Second hand shopping has economical benefits

The average shopper is almost always driven by value for money. Despite our lofty claims about support for sustainable shopping, many of us may resort to fast-fashion purchases, looking for inexpensive clothing, especially when those substantial discounts are hard to resist. Here’s some news for you. According to ThredUp, a consumer can save up to 62% of their annual spend on fashion just by opting for resale channels over traditional retailers. Families with young kids, who swiftly outgrow their wardrobe, can save both money and space through efficient resale shopping. Franchises like Plato’s Closet, Once Upon A Child, Play It Again Sports and Style Encore encourage consumers to bring in their clothing and accessories for resale. 

3. It is much easier than you think

Buying from traditional retailers is easy: you can shop online or through social media. The same conveniences in digital and mobile channels are becoming more and more prevalent in fashion re-sellers. Around 68% of resale activity happens on mobile. There are several mobile apps and websites that let you to buy and sell clothes with just a few clicks or taps. If you are reselling your clothes, you can order for paid packing material online, ship your clothes to the store and get paid based on an evaluation. The re-selling is fully taken care of, including photographing the items, listing them online and shipping them to buyers. ThredUp, Tradesy, and TrendTrunk are some platforms to check out for regular brands, while OwnTheCouture and Poshmark specialize in designer brands.

The Trusted Clothes Contest

Give resale fashion a chance by taking part in the Trusted Clothes contest this month. If the “three Es” (environment-friendly, economical and easy) have not convinced you yet, here’s another reason to consider – the excitement of finding a unique piece, an old gem to add to your lean wardrobe, will make it more apparent that second-hand fashion is not second class by any measure. 

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  2. Thanks for the cool read about resale clothing. I actually didn’t know that a lot of resale activity, over 50%, happens on mobile. It definitely sounds like it’s important for these channels to make sure that they are user friendly on mobile, especially since it seems like such an important factor. http://www.treasurehouseresale.blogspot.com/

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