Everybody is for Globalization

The majority of people support globalization, but the term itself can have different meanings.

Globalization is important to positively contribute to our growing global economy

At the grassroots level, it can conjure up images of people gathered  together in communities and cooperatives to form networks, while it can also be used to describe the networking and structural integration of large-scale companies across the globe. In either case, people seem to be supportive of globalization, which is becoming more widespread.

In response, it is important to positively contribute to our growing global economy. One way to achieve this is through ethical and sustainable fashion. Ethical and sustainable fashion is a new and growing market that requires further investigation through sharing knowledge and developing common values.

Leading ethical and sustainable fashion brand People Tree founder Safia Minney with cotton farmers in India. Photography Miki Alcalde

From the bottom up, this  means exploring the inter-linkages of small, moderate and large scale organizations. Although infrastructure is often embedded in these businesses, there is potential for change. Personally, I enjoy hearing about the stories of individual makers, artisans, and ethical and sustainable fashion company owners who have created successful businesses.

To me, it is these people who are are forming the basis for a movement and a new form of consumption; consumption that is consistent with the sustainability goals of the United Nations. It’s an exciting time!


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Scott Douglas Jacobsen researches and presents independent panels, papers, and posters, and with varied research labs and groups, and part-time in landscaping and gardening, and runs In-Sight Publishing and In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal.

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