A Favorite Dress

I love this dress. I bought it years ago and decided to give it to a friend because I wore it on plenty occasions.

Just recently I was going through my closet and setting aside a pile of clothes to donate. I remembered the blue dress I used to have and kind of wished I still owned it. That same week, I went to second hand store and I couldn’t believe it. The blue dress I used to have was hanging on the rack! Of course I bought it back for $5! What are the odds?! I was just thrilled!
It is so simple to just bag up your unwanted clothes and donate them to friends/family or to a second hand store. There is always someone out there who will get some use out of your older or unwanted clothes. If you have a friend or family in mind, then why not give your used clothes directly to them. They can always donate it when they no longer want it. It just takes a little extra time sorting out our clothes that we no longer wear, putting them in piles to give to people we know or to bring to a second hand store. The lazy way out is to just throw them in the trash. If everyone did that, we would have tons of material waste at our landfill sites. Think about how thrift stores would lack in clothing to sell. Think about how second hand stores provide people with jobs and volunteer placements.

If we choose the non environmentally friendly way of getting rid of clothes, less and less thrift stores would be open and that means their would be fewer jobs available. What would happen if people took the lazy root of throwing clothes out in the garbage? Well maybe they wouldn’t realize but they would be contributing to pollution. The non environmentally friendly way of getting rid of clothes is the laziest root to take. Not cool.
I am going to continue to donate my clothes to people I know or to second hand stores in my area. It feels good to know that some of the clothes I use to love wearing, someone else can enjoy just as much as I did. I hope that my story about the blue dress that came back to me, inspires people and encourages them to donate their used clothes. True treasures and finds can be found at second hand stores and doesn’t necessarily have to be new to love it. You may just have to search a little for what you are looking for or it may show up right in front of you.

I think I will have to hold onto that “blue dress” for awhile now. What are the odds of finding the same one in the same size at a thrift store? And to think, if someone were to have thrown it out, I may have never have ended up buying it back.
Hmm…what ever happened to the old pair of black shoes I used to have? I wonder if I could get those back sometime too. Ok…search is on! Ready, set, go!
Anything is possible!

By: Lana Higgison

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