Sunglasses for the eco conscious

No matter the season, sunglasses are important for reducing short and long term health concerns due to UV radiation. Many people don’t realize what damage the sun can case such as light hypersensitivity, cataracts, eye cancer and of the skin around the eye.

Here are some great eco conscious sunglasses!

Dizm Eye

Dizm Eye Eco Sadie sunglasses

Dizm Eye Eco Sadie sunglasses

Is a company that is located in Hermosa Beach, California. They create sunglasses that offer the features that all consumers are looking for but are also eco-friendly as well as sustainable. Instead of using a petroleum based plastic frames which incorporates a dependence on oil, they use a plastic that is plant based which is known as BioSan. I think incorporating a plastic which is plant based is not only a really cool new innovation but its also eco-friendly and who wouldn’t be excited about looking trendy while also protecting the environment.


ZEAL Optics

zeal optics eco sunglasses

The Kennedy Zeal optics sunglasses is made of all natural plant products.

A company who is located in Boulder, Colorado that uses materials that are created from plants in all of their sunglasses, both the frames and the lenses. If you ask me, that’s pretty savvy. They are created and developed from castor bean oil, which is an alternative plastic alternative that doesn’t leave a petroleum footprint. The lenses are laminated with a plant-based product called Ellume. Not only are you protecting the environment from petroleum pollution but you are also supporting charities that support getting kids out in nature as well as environmental preservation. I think I’m gonna have to check these out.



Woodwear eco sunglasses

Woodwear eco sunglasses are sustainable AND eco friendly!

Would you like a new pair of sunglasses that are both eco-friendly as well as sustainable? If so, i think I’ve found a new pair that may be just perfect. It’s called Woodwear, which was influenced by Californian beach culture. They’re made from sustainable materials such as bamboo and zebra wood. Did you know that bamboo is actually a grass that grows 8X faster than hardwood does? It’s a durable and moisture resistant textile which is perfect for something like sunglasses which would have heavy use.


SOLO Eyewear


Solo sunglasses proceeds go towards prescription glasses as well as eye surgeries for people living in developing countries.

Would you like to help others in developing countries? If so, then these sunglasses are for you. They create polarized sunglasses that are developed from re purposed bamboo. The main focus is on charity and giving back to those who need it. For each pair of sunglasses that are sold, the proceeds go towards prescription glasses as well as eye surgeries for people living in developing countries.



Shwood sunglasses

Shwood sunglasses

Shwood’s in-house manufacturing process merges precision technology with classic skilled craftsmanship to create a timeless art form. Every step from veneering and precision lens cutting, to shaping and finishing is conducted in our own Portland-based workshop to promise entirely handcrafted and unique wood sunglass frames. Wood manipulation is kept to a minimum in order to showcase the medium’s natural and unique splendor.



Modo bio based sunglasses

Modo bio based sunglasses

Modo is a NYC based company which sells sunglasses in addition to regular eye-glasses which as bio-based. each of the sunglasses is developed with 63% bio-based elements which derives from non-food oil which is renewable and is also certified by the USDA. they also develop recycled sunglasses which are made with 95% of recycled content. This is the only collection out there that uses Environment Validation which certifies that it is made from 95% of recycled materials from a variety of sources. If you wanna make the air cleaner and healthier, these glasses are something you should check out as for every pair sold there’s a tree planted.


Proof Eyewear

Proof sunglasses are made from sustainable wood sources

You may recognize this eyewear company from an episode of Shark Tank. Proof is a wood eyewear company that manufactures it’s sunglasses from sustainable wood sources. The wood medium adds a warmth and look that other materials can’t replicate. The silhouettes of our eyewear are classic shapes and styles that anyone can appreciate.




Made from bamboo, these Panda sunglasses are sustainable and float on water!

Have you ever found sunglasses that can float on water? If not, now you have.There’s a waterproof coating which allows them to float on water. Panda works to promote the environment as well as ethics. A large portion of the profits are provided to people in need.  During the manufacturing process, they strive to use the bamboo as precisely as possible to reduce waste as much as possible.


Waiting for the Sun

Waiting for the sun sunglasses

Waiting for the sun sunglasses

Waiting for the sun was created by two friends who aspired to design wooden sunglasses at a price that’s affordable price. The collection is made from a combination of bamboo and oak.

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