Simbi – Get awesome stuff for no money!

The world runs on money…or does it? It doesn’t have to. Introducing Simbi.

Simbi or the Symbiotic Community where members exchange services directly or use simbi credits


Simbi is a fantastic international community of individuals who have decided that they don’t want to be held back by money. On Simbi, people exchange services with each other, or in exchange for ‘Simbi’ – points (with no monetary value) which are exchangeable with other services. These services can be local, such as a hair stylist, as well as international, such as someone around the globe offering to create art for you. 

The Simbi community is large, with over 65,000 services currently being offered. These services range from the small (1 Simbi for offering your favourite type of pizza) to the large (200 Simbis for creating a full website for somebody). You can use these simbi for whatever you like, you can request that someone reviews your latest blog post (on sites such as TC!), or compiles a list of the best ethical fashion stores in your area (so that you can get the best deal). Through simbi matches, you can also directly exchange services with other members, helping both parties get what they want easily!


I myself have been using Simbi over the last couple months and have found it to be immensely helpful. I’ve traded my web design and editing skills for Simbis, which I’ve then used to get other services such as valuable coaching. It can be used for fun things too, such as asking people on the web, including professional hair stylists, what kind of haircut one should get. You can also use Simbi as to platform to discuss social, environmental and philosophical issues with like-minded individuals from around the world.

The Simbi Marketplace

The Simbi Marketplace


But Simbi offers more than just services: it also has products. This means that you can get amazing handmade pieces from artisans around the world for Simbis. This is a great way to support ethically produced individual artists – no middle person required. You can also share your designs and become part of the symbiotic community.

Best of all, you get 100 Simbis just for signing up! That means you get something awesome, such as personal advice from an ethical fashion stylist, or a personalized portrait of you for free!

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  1. 100 simbi for signing up? I signed up and only have 75. Am I not fully signed up? I dont think anyone is in florida either. Is there a way to get results from locals or is this too new? I sent about 5 request to join. I really would like to see this idea take hold and grow roots in Bradenton Florida. Nik Lyons

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