Chemicals in our clothes

I’m always looking to spread awareness to encourage consumers to pay attention to the manufacturing of their clothing. After watching these videos, it seems the price of beauty comes at a great cost. It’s crucial to pay attention to the harmful chemicals inside our clothing. Here are three eye-opening videos on the effects of formaldehyde that you can watch online.

Chemicals in Clothes or Bra Making you sick?

This is a video exposing the scary secret behind Victoria’s Secret and La Senza. It’s about the lingerie and dresses women wear, the chemicals that are used to make them, and the impact that toxins have on wearers health. Certain brands use formaldehyde to reduce stains and wrinkles in their clothing, however customer safety and satisfaction for those products has decreased significantly. This is an insightful news segment that makes us think twice about what really makes certain kinds of clothing so appealing.

Victoria’s Secret – ABC News – Formaldehyde-Red Alert!

A news report and segment hosted by Dr. Vickery and ABC News. This short report shows various female consumers revealing their concern with bras from Victoria’s Secret, as formaldehyde was found in the products of the lingerie brand. A dark image is presented of Victoria’s Secret through investigative reports and testimonials. From inflammation to itching, the problems with formaldehyde-loaded bras are increasing. This is putting women’s health at risk.

Dr. Vickery claims formaldehyde can be found in multiple apparel brands and cosmetics. Although the chemical does make certain pieces of clothing appealing, it potentially causes harmful symptoms from lungs to our breathing system. This is a life-changing video that warns us to pay closer attention to what is in our clothes.

 Cancer Clothes – China Cloth Contain Formaldehyde

A revealing news update on the growing problem of formaldehyde-loaded clothing in Australia. Sadly, there is no standard of what amount of this chemical is safe or unsafe when it comes to various garment brands. This video showcases the desire to combat the issue of adding formaldehyde to clothing and the need to implement safety standards around what is considered safe or unsafe. After watching this video, I can’t believe the manufacturers of certain clothing brands don’t realize that this chemical does more harm than good.

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